Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a day in life of our ‘condo dog’…


Finally, ‘Mom’ is letting me post an entry again…I kept telling her to let me have a chance at it again…I am the ‘star’ of this blog, after all..

(..my first try at blogging was just over a  year ago..dog day of summer)

So as the ‘paws’ hit the keyboard…here goes…

A day in my life at home…

yes, we live in a condo..it may not have wheels but one day our home will …

I get up early..5:30 am..Dad takes me out to do my ‘business’..this is my ‘street’..


..look at all those trees..great for ‘lifting a leg’ on!…

‘Dad’ leaves for work….and here I ‘lie in wait’ for Mom to get up..


..some days I let ‘Mom’ sleep..after all she is on vacation…but some days I go in and make sure she is awake..just a quick hop onto the bed or a nudge with my cold nose....and it is a miracle!..she’s awake!!


..Across the street from where we live..(the third floor, corner unit  is a great vantage point to peruse the neighbourhood..more on that later..)


…there is a lake..yes a lake!.do you have a lake in your neighbourhood??...have I ever swam in this lake?


..’Mom and Dad’ say No swimming in here..although I have taken a dip or two when I was younger..quite by accident?…or was it my over exuberant puppy behaviour that got me ‘all wet’?


It is here that I am walked on a leash?..and expected to behave like a ‘ golden gentleman’!


..not that I really mind being walked on a leash..there is a lot of trees and bushes to smell along the path..a few squirrels, ducks and geese..and a  couple of beavers too..


..but it is also here that I am taught what ‘Mom’ calls “Patience”..

after our walk around  Lafarge  Lake….I have to ‘wait’ and watch all the people and their dogs  go by….

no ‘lunging’..no ‘butt sniffing’.. no ‘checking DNA’…just ‘waiting’…’Mom’ always says ‘no one likes a ‘big dog’ with bad manners’..


..this is my view  as I learn my lesson in ‘patience’..


..it is hard for me to just sit and look at the water..no swimming?..how can that be?..I love the water?..

Maybe later there will be water?

..for now we will head home..


..yes, I run down the hall with my leash in my mouth…been doing that since I was but a ‘wee golden lad’!!

Time for my cookie…on my mat, like a good boy..


..my fur sure looks messy..geesh ..should have had my hair combed before this photo?

..and then it is time to ‘guard’ my street…watch and see who ‘lifts their leg’ on my trees?


..it’s only 930 but I have been told that there are chores to do..not for me?..I need to take a nap..


maybe a run at the park later?..or a swim at the river?

I noticed that one of the chores ‘Mom’ did was put some stuff in some bins?..I smell dog food and dog cookies and there is even ‘poop bags’..don’t worry they’re empty!!


are we going somewhere??..looks like a lot of stuff?..maybe enough for two weeks away from home?

more chores?…ironing?..what is that?..wrinkles?..I don’t have any ‘wrinkles’?


..and then she had to get dinner organized..


and wait for the chicken to cook…


geez..there sure are a lot of chores to do for someone who is on ‘vacation?’

Can we go to the park NOW???

This is the park we go to almost everyday…it is only a few blocks from my house..an easy stroll down the sidewalk to this great expanse of green grass…I can run, roll  and chase the ball..look at all that green grass..just for me!!!


..another lesson in ‘patience’..no leash and ‘Mom’ walks away with the ball and I have to sit and wait until she calls me…


 finally I can run ..free as a bird or well, a dog..ears flapping in the summer breeze!..


..a few more throws and then it’s time for a rest…a roll in the grass just for fun…there is the famous or maybe ‘infamous’ Tucker roll..but the photographer had a hard time throwing the ball and taking the pictures!!..geesh, it is hard to find good help!!


heading back home after my time at the park..I carry my ball all the way…drooling the whole time…

Mom had to stop and take a few photos of the hydrangeas..


aren’t they pretty?..not that I really care about flowers but I have to appease her once in a while…

Dad’s work day will be done soon so I have my ‘lobster’ ready! I use this ‘stuffie’  as ‘greeter’ when ‘Dad’ gets home..I am always so happy when one of my humans comes back!


..now I can relax…Dad is home..finally!!IMG_0211

..hey???…how did the cat get in here?…he is not as interesting as moi?..he likes to relax all day long…IMG_0210

this is where I sleep when it’s dark outside..either on my nice cushy bed


or under ‘Mom and Dad’s bed..it is like a den under there….


..after my busy day I am ‘plum tuckered’ out…

good night everyone!..thanks for ‘waggin’ along!!..have to get my ‘houndsome  sleep’…another day tomorrow filled with tons of ‘Tucker fun’!!



  1. Tucker, you did a great job telling us about your day. What a great life you lead! Your mom and dad are the best--I hope you appreciate them!

  2. Tucker, you have more patience than my doctor. And, you can write. Love the photos. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom and dad, but you probably know that already.

  3. I see you've trained mom and dad very well. Good dog! :c)

  4. I think I can hear Oliver saying, "Dogs drool and cats rule!" ;-)

    Me thinks you lead the golden life there Tucker! You're such a handsome boy too!

  5. Ah Tucker, you are quite the lad, aren't you. And such a gentleman. Guess that comes from having such a good mom and dad. I sure enjoyed reading about your day.

  6. Great job Tucker, we will look forward to seeing where you go!

  7. So THAT is where they get the saying "It's a dog's life!!"

  8. Hey, I'll have to get my Ms Megabyte2 to do a Blog,,,,,,she came from way down in south Texas near the border,,,,,so she speaks spanish, but she is learning english........Maybe I could get some time off ........:-)

  9. It's a good life for a youngish health dog. So nice to see you enjoying the simple pleasures.

  10. Your Tucker writes very well in 'first person'. Nice story about his routine, environment, likes and habits.

  11. What a cute post. We had a Golden. What a wonderful dog they are. Tucker looks like he is very well behaved and listens to everything his parents tell him to do. How lucky his parents are!

  12. FANTASTIC. Wow this is a winner for sure.

  13. I am wondering where I can get one of those large dog paw friendly keyboards you must have:))

  14. Good job Tucker! Thanks for sharingy your day. How did your mom and dad get you to sit so patiently? If only Sugar would stay when I get her to sit. Can you come and help teach her, you fine boy? Don't worry, she won't lift her leg on any of your trees!

  15. What a wonderful post, Tucker!!
    You are so lucky to have a nice big green park to stroll to every day! Running around, ears flapping in the wind, so free spirited!
    Good Boy for learning the "patience" thing!
    Cyber belly rubs,

  16. Oh, My! You are certainly a well behaved dog. We are an unruly group and intend to stay that way. There is NO WAY someone could get a picture of a dog biscuit on a rug with one of us watching. If it out of the box, it's GONE. Still, we really enjoyed your harration of your day.


    Jodie, Coco, and Sandy

  17. Tucker, you have a great life. I'm proud of you - you're so well behaved and patient. I wish all dogs were as good as you are. :)


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