Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet me in Montana!!


We left Coeur D’Alene at 830 this morning…we only had just over 200 miles to get to our next stop..


we had debated if we should travel via Sandpoint or the I-90…the I-90 won out..

Fullscreen capture 23-Jul-2012 203631

It was an easy drive for me..all I have to do is sit in the passenger seat..take a few photos and look at the map every now and then..

Bart helped me with some of the navigation duties..


never mind the fact that the map is upside down?


the highest elevation today was Lookout pass..only a mere 4860 feet..

And then we were in Montana..Big Sky Country..

IMG_8761 more state added to our map…


We stopped in the town of St Regis..wonder if it was named for Regis Philbin? Kathy Lee Gifford or Kelly Ripa sightings?..Hey, Regis?..where are you?


we made a couple of purchases and carried on…


The Clark Fork River..


..and another body of water is added to the ‘Flying Walenda’s’ List..


..a little spot on the side of the river..just for our was called ‘Para-dice’!


..then it was time for some wind…two hands on the wheel for about sixty miles..


..lots of rolling hills and gusty side winds..


and then there it was…..down the hill…Flathead Lake..


almost at our more stop at a view point overlooking Flathead  Lake..


and we chatted with a group of motorcycle riders..they were from just outside Salem, Oregon and were heading towards Whitefish, Montana..


..another 30 miles to go..

and we are here…at Spruce Rv Park on the River in Kalispell, Montana..2012_07_236

..for a week we will call this park “home'”..our spot is on the shore of Flathead River.. G2..

..this is the view from our chairs…


..the river is running very fast, so much to the dismay of Tucker he won’t be dipping his paws in this part of the Flathead River..

There is lots of  boat and other floating devices..this is just a small sampling from the first hour or so..


.we are so glad to be here..a beautiful spot..perfection in the making…


..I do believe we are going to enjoy our week..

Stay tuned more to come..


  1. Hi, I just today came the other way..Left Thompson Falls and went over Thompson Pass...You should try that on the way home..It's beautiful, and less freeway...Great pavement..Stop in Mullen at the Sprag-Pole museum..You will enjoy it...If in Thompson Falls stay at thr Rimrock Lodge...FHU,wifi..

  2. "Therapy is expensive, Wind is cheap" loved that motorcycle patch. Great looking spot you found there. Should be some good relaxing going on around there somewhere...hope you find it. Tucker sure enjoyed himself, didn't he? You guys kick back and find some down time now.

  3. I love your new header photo.
    That part of the country is gorgeous! How wonderful just to sit and watch the boats float by. Hope you enjoy your week.

  4. Enjoy your time. The weather looks to be just about perfect. Hope it stays that way.

  5. With a spot like the one you have in your header, it would be difficult to leave the campground to go exploring.

  6. Enjoy your time in our wonderful state, wish you were coming down this way but you are a good 7-8 hour drive from us!

  7. Thats a great spot to kick back and do nothing. Enjoy it..

  8. And the weather is going to be perfect for us this week. Yea!!!

  9. We loved Flathead Lake..soooo beautiful..I am jealous. Enjoy it and I now live vicariously through you !

  10. what a gorgeous place...enjoy.....lucky you..we're sitting home in the rain right now...but we needed a day of rain...

  11. I enjoyed the ride with you. Beautiful country and I know you'll enjoy your stay.

  12. I remember when we first saw Flathead Lake in 2001--it seemed to go on and on. What a beautiful campsite you have! Enjoy your week!

  13. Bart must have learned the secret that map reading is easier upside down:)

  14. Traveling down the road having an open map out whether it be upside down, sideways, backwards or what, just has to be a great happening....

  15. What a gorgeous area, thanks for sharing


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