Sunday, July 29, 2012

On the eighth day..


Our last day at Spruce Rv Park was one filled with ‘chores’ know the ones..



…housework?..or tent trailer work?..tiding up  and getting organized to head out in the morning..

We are in a bad case of is always nice to find a place that  you truly like and want to come back to..


..even Tucker was in a ‘mood’ swimming for him..


..we had noisy traffic on the river today..


..the park is busy..lots of new campers arrived today..We have lovely new neighbours, Wayne and Heather..such a great couple..too bad we aren’t staying longer..


We went to Jim and Sandie’s for dinner tonight..


On the menu was  chicken fried steak, gravy, potatoes, green beans, and salad..and for dessert..Chocolate Brownie..

The company was lovely and we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting our number #15.. once eight will end with us saying..’ we are going to miss this’..


..but we still have another week of vacation....we are travelling to Nelson, BC in the morning…off to spend some quality time with our friends, Brenda and Ken..

Bring on day 9..


  1. You are much too efficient at getting your blog posts done. Thanks for coming over for dinner. It's been great meeting you guys and Tucker. Have a wonderful travel day tomorrow as you move onto new adventures.

  2. What?? Jim and Sandie had you for dinner and served you chicken friend steak?? They've never done that for us.

    Oh, yeah, almost forget ... we certainly know what chores you are talking about when getting ready to move down the road.

  3. As sad as it is to leave a good site, at least you know that someday you can come back again. On to the next set of adventures!

  4. Laundry...always a necessary evil no matter where you are or what you're doing. One way to stretch the time between laundry days is to buy more least that's what I think. Donna does not agree with my approach, however. Oh well, sometimes it works.

  5. Sure looked like a great week. Glad you met and had a good time with Jim and Sandie. Dinner sounded delicious, couldn't think of a better way to end your visit. Safe travels tomorrow and hope to see you when you return.

  6. We never had the good a meal at Jim and Sandie's either. How special are you two!
    Wishing you safe travels.

  7. Chicken? I thought their freezer was bursting with fish. :)

  8. Glad you enjoyed your stay in the old USA!

  9. Sounds like you have had a wonderful adventure so far. Tucker does look tuckered out! Where did you say Jim and Sandie are camped...I'm needing some of that chicken fried steak lol.

  10. Hey, one more week in a new spot is "spot on!"!!! I love B.C. and will be waiting to see what adventures we have in store! Safe roaming!

  11. I'm surprised it wasn't a fish dinner, but then mabe Jim and Sandie are saving all the good stuff for themselves... ;c)

    Looking forward to your next week of fun and travels.

  12. That was a great meal you got. I have never seen chicken fried steak in all my days of camping! Have a safe trip to your next destination. Great blogging as usual.

  13. Chores go hand in hand with having fun :-)))


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