Monday, July 9, 2012

rolling down the lazy river?


So begins summer vacation 2012..a grand total of 60 days off in a row… what is a girl to do for all those days off?..oh sure there are lots of household chores to keep me out of of trouble..

you know the ones..

  • vacuuming
  • dusting
  • bathrooms
  • windows
  • ironing
  • laundry
  • cooking

and then there are the fun things to do…

  • walk the dog
  • read
  • knit
  • relax

not to worry..there will be some camping in that list of fun too..

..the first two days of this long winded vacation covered that list and then some..

..then there were the Elmo cupcakes that our daughter made for a four year old birthday party..


..and  yesterday we were up very early and we took a drive to Mount Vernon, Washington..

Crossing the border was an interesting process this time around..


..the border guard..seemed to enjoy his job a little too much..

his name was Kelly..and the list of questions and comments were a bit stranger than normal..

  • put your vehicle in park!
  • turn the engine off!
  • what’s in the bag?…open it please..


  • you like the colour orange?
  • strange how as you get older your colour choices change?
  • is this your jeep?
  • who’s name is it in?

and then he smiled and tapped Doug on the shoulder and said have a ‘nice day’..

We continued south towards the Mount Vernon/Burlington area..home of our token McDonalds..Wal-Mart and Costco..

as we drove we saw lots of different license plates..from Maryland…Texas…Utah..Alaska..and then this one from..

IMG_8506..and then there was the man in ‘Montana T-shirt? it a sign?

There was also a stop in Burlington at Camping World and quick peruse through a few used Rv’s..

Pictures110;s always fun to look..


After all our shopping was done we stopped for lunch in Ferndale..

2012_07_08 ..our first visit to a Sonic Drive-in..reminded us of the old days the Giant Burger..

Heading back into Canada..the questions at the border once again?

  • where do you live?
  • how long have you been gone?
  • total value of goods?

now the the strange one?

  • where do you work?..and what do you do there?

We were home before 2:00..and then it was time for a ‘float down the lazy river’ for our ‘golden boy’…


The temperature rose to 29 Celsius or 84.9 Fahrenheit…


so out came the fans and the air-conditioner..


..we have to blow the hot air around somehow….so as this ‘long-winded’ recap comes to an end..

Stay cool…my chores await..





  1. did you get to Mount Vernon and back to Canada in one day?
    Love the cupcakes.

  2. Wow, Sue, you really do live a whirlwind existence, don't you? Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the fun times. Minimize the rest of it.

  3. OMG...I remember Giant Burger...the one on Westwood...loved their hot fudge sundaes!!!

    Carlie is becoming quite the cupcake maker...Elmo looks awesome!!

  4. Looks like Tucker had the best part of the day.

  5. I fllow your blog because you have a refreshing outlook on the world. And a golden Boy. )

  6. What happened Sue. No words are showing up.

  7. I got the version of your blog without words, and then I tried again later and got it with words. Your orange bottles spoke for themselves without words. You've seen some nice motorhomes. I love Sonic--I always get the large chili dog. Yum!

  8. LOVED those Elmo cupcakes..very creative..Sounds like Mr. Border Patrol was having a bad day. We got a real tough one crossing from Hyder, Alaska into Canada...but it was Sept 12th, that certainly made perfect sense at the time!

  9. I've always been an Elmo fan so that cupcake is right up my alley. I remember the first time I went to a Sonic was by myself & not knowing any better & I walked right in the front door. You can imagine the startled staff. Think that was somewhere in Texas. It is always a time of high stress crossing the border for us. One wrong word, one wrongly answered question, bit of attitude on the part of the border person & our whole winter could be right down the tubes. Having been detained for 3 agricultural border checks so far we are well aware of just how fast that can all happen. And yep, I like the color Orange too:))

  10. 60 days wow, I never got there. And I never took all my days in one shot either. That was a quick trip across the line, we went to Sonic last year for the first time. Enjoy your holiday time, I am glad the weather changed for you.

  11. I'm thinking the Border Patrol must have been having a boring day and figured you looked like an exciting, interesting couple. Maybe he learned something today!!
    Love those cupcakes!!

  12. Elmo was a cutie. Mt. Vernon would have been just a good day trip for you especially if you were off to hit Costco and McDonalds. We got introduced to Sonic Burgers when in Texas. I still love their #2 burger --- mustard and onions. It was a beautiful day for a drive but I think the lazy river would have been more fun.

    Enjoy your 60 days! That's a long time to have off without going someplace big!!

  13. Sure hope you are planning more fun things than chores for your vacation time. I have never been to a Sonic Burger so was puzzled by Al's comment??? Too bad it is such a hassle to cross the border. We've only crossed a couple of times and have been lucky to get nice border agents.

  14. These border guard questions were different. You just never know what someone will ask. It's all part of a stupid game to trick people or confound you.

    I personally love the questions game and I play it very well. I also never take any crap from border guards. Treat me nice and I play nice. Treat me bad and I get your badge number then report you to the the higher ups. Simple, tried, tested and true! I threatened to report one customs officer and he quickly changed his stupid attitude.

    Nice change of pace to check out RV's though! They looked nice too!

  15. I suppose if you give funny answers to their questions, it will just prolong the process:)

  16. Sixty days! I'm so jealous...enjoy, enjoy!

  17. Sixty days off? I'm thinking the idle hands might get you in trouble... ;c)

    Enjoy every minute, you've earned it!

  18. Much better now that I can read the words. Love the background by the way!

  19. Hi Sue, 60 days off sounds great! Any big goal that you just must accomplish this summer? That really was a quick trip across the border and back. John and I headed over to the Sumas border crossing yesterday to export our car from the U.S. (We finally got the title after two months of trying.) Then imported it into Canada. Then back on Duke Point ferry to Vancouver Island. It only took us about eight hours and $160 of ferry fare to complete the import/export process. Now I want to have some serious fun!!! Be sure you make time and space for your fun too these next 60 days! And if you get over to Parksville area, John and I would love to see you! Take care. I love your blog.


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