Monday, July 2, 2012

The Sea of Red and White..


I have always been a planner but sometimes I need to learn to not be such…because sometimes things have a way of working themselves out..

heading into the tunnel on the Coquihalla Highway

This was one weekend that we didn’t have planned ..that was until we heard from our friends, Toni and Doug..they are working at Monck Provincial Park..


We were very fortunate that Toni was able to save us a campsite  for the Canada Day long weekend..

Bristol HIll rest stop

The BC Parks website lets you reserve a campsite three months in advance..

still searching for that ever elusive perfect bale of HAY

and I was not on the ‘ball’ when it came to making reservations so I missed the window of opportunity..

our first shot of Nicola Lake

but thanks to Toni we were able to camp this weekend…

Nicola Lake

We arrived late on Friday night…

our destination for the weekend

..we had the same campsite as we did last year..#118..

  • a fee of $21 a night
  • blue sky
  • and a view of the lake..

now the sun's out..that's better

..we had left the rain behind and we were in the land of sunshine…

When we drove into the park we greeted with a wave from two  campers....we waved back..thinking..gee..friendly people here this time round..

Well it turns out that the ‘waving’ campers were Mark and Linda Daigle..Linda works at Doug’s doctor’s office…such a small world...

Toni made a lovely dinner of barbecued hamburgers and potato salad…


it was nice to see our friends again and catch up on all the adventures of the past year…

Mark and Linda joined us around the campfire, too…


nothing like the the smell of smoke to make you feel right at home..

first  real campfire

Saturday morning we slept till way past and then breakfast actually turned into almost lunch…


and then it happened..the skies opened up and the deluge of rain arrived..we spent a few hours inside the trailer…listening the storm pass quickly over head..


before it was mid-afternoon…the skies cleared and the sun came out once again..

Do these flowers make me look fat?

we went for a walk around the campground….


and of course Tucker went for a splash in the lake..

don't they know Tucker is here? toss of  his ‘flying squirrel’ ..


and all is right with his ‘little world’…


..the views are amazing as the campground is directly on the shores of Nicola Lake..returning here again has just confirmed that this is still our favourite BC campground..

our campsite #118

..a tired dog is a happy dog..

Tuckered out...

Canada Day 2012…


a perfect sunny day…a good day for a bike parade..


We helped Toni prepare all the items for the bike decorations..the  campers arrived in droves to decorate their bikes..

Happy Canada Day!!

the bicycles were led around the campground by a local police car…playing O Canada..a fun time was had by all..


..the parade was over in just a few minutes and then the ‘winners’ were announced..

the three winners...

..of course everyone that participated was deemed a ‘winner’…such a fun event for the campground!..Toni did a wonderful job organizing the fun!!

Once the event was over…the temperature had risen to a normal summer level..


Time for someone to go for yet a swim…he made a new ‘friend’…Bruno the chocolate Lab…only nine months and had just learned to swim…


Tucker, of course being the ‘stronger swimmer’..always made sure he got the ‘squirrel first’…


..nap time for the ‘four legged boy’..when we got back to the campsite..he made himself mighty comfy on our bed..admiring the view..


..and then finally getting some much needed ‘rest’..this camping is hard work… as the sun sets on our final full day..our last evening...

and the full moon rises…we are most grateful that were able to enjoy the camping experience …

full moon...

..we will most definitely be returning to Monck Park again..thanks for the hospitality Doug and Toni!!

last campfire...the one that wouldn't die...


  1. Monck always has been and will always be, my most favorite spot. A lot has changed there over the years but I still love it there!!
    Lots of great stories and memories for us, glad you love it as much as we do! ;-)

  2. Sounds wonderful Sue, we haven't stayed there yet.
    Lucky you to escape the grayness and find some sunshine.

  3. So glad you got to meet up with Toni and Doug. We met them after only being full timers for three months. They are really lovely people. Hope all your days at the campground are as happy as your first ones.

  4. Looked like a great Canada Day weekend for you both and Tucker also. Enjoyed seeing the pictures. Just got back on line and catching up on your blog, after a week in Yucca Valley with pretty bad internet.

  5. I remember how great & how important those week-end camping get-a-ways were years ago when we had our first few RV's. And before that, a tent. Always gave one a whole new perspective for a few days to break the home & work routines & relax at a nice quiet campground by a lake under some nice big cooling shade trees. It was at these tmes we always felt closest to our RV dreams someday. It was those camping week-ends that really picked up our spirits for the future.

  6. What a great holiday camp out, I am looking forward to another week at the Lake with the Grand kids next week, We are only allowed 15 days a month, so I have to split my weeks up.I usually try for at least a week or two a month in the summer with Donna at work.The kid's love it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Sounds as if you had a great camping weekend! We are thinking of firing up the motorhome and going somewhere for a couple weeks to escape this heat wave.

  8. It is so true that it is good to have friends in the right place at the right time:) Looks like it was a great time!

  9. What a great holiday weekend you had! Hope you get to do more of them this summer.

  10. Love those unplanned get aways. And I'm sure Toni did a great time as the social director. That is right up her alley. And you did have some sunshine - yea!!

  11. Sure glad you were able to enjoy the weekend. I read your friends blot yesterday and she mentioned what a great help you were. Nice campground!

  12. I was beginning to think you were a camping rain magnet, Sue. But as long as the rain stopped and everything in your popup didn't get too wet, it sounds like it turned into a fine weekend. I'm glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy such a nice park!

  13. How nice that all the white stuff you get so much of has left and you got a great chance to go camping. You sure pack a lot of fun into a weekend. You probably look like Tucker after you get home, spread out and taking a nap.

    Isn't that what camping fun is all about? :c)

  14. Sometimes the best memories are made by "spur of the moment" opportunities, eh? I need to be less of a planner too...Too many plans make for a boring life..

  15. Monk Provincial Park sure looks like a great camping spot. Sure glad your weather proved to be better there than what we had back here on the coast.

  16. What a wonderful getaway!!! And Tucker sure looked "Tuckered Out"!!! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  17. Thanks for all the thanks. We thoroughly enjoyed your company.

  18. Great pictures!! Love them all but especially the ones of Tucker!

  19. Vicariously enjoyed your Canada Day weekend camp out!
    Thank goodness it was only a "BC shower" and y'all had a great time! Especially Tucker who got tuckered out! LOL


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