Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sent packing?


This past weekend while we were in the USA I purchased a new ‘mouse’ for my laptop..


..a pretty red one to match…it was suppose to be an easy installation process..after all how hard can it be to install a wireless mouse..

Needless to say this ‘American Mouse’ is going back to where it came from..albeit it was made in China and purchased at Walmart..need I say more..

It cannot be returned to our Walmart here in Canada because they don’t sell them this little ‘red mouse’ will be going on a road trip, yet again..

It doesn’t really matter what the issue was with the ‘mouse’…..the thing that bugs me is the ‘packaging’..

you all know the kind..those difficult to open, sealed tighter than a drum packages..


..have you ever tried to open one of them, without really damaging the packaging, just in case it has to be returned?

(note that the  ‘little red mouse’ is ready for it’s journey back to the land of red white and blue)


..I googled ‘clam shell packaging’  or ‘blister packaging’ and read that companies use this type of containment of their products to prevent shoplifting,  to protect their products and they are strong and lightweight..


But can someone tell my why they are so difficult to open?..injuries have been known to happen when dealing with these types of packages..

So after my issue with our Canadian Walmart..I headed to Costco, in search of the ever elusive ‘red mouse’..

Voila..they have one..and for only $19.99

new packaging issue though..


Costco uses two pieces of cardboard glued together with the plastic bubble in the middle type..


…just as difficult to open as the ‘clamshell type’ far as I am concerned..


..I know there is a ‘tool’ out that will make this process easier..

photo-3 I am heading out on hunt to find it… I wonder how it  is ‘packaged’?..and will I need a ‘tool to open the tool?’


  1. I believe there is such a tool but good luck getting out of the package!! ;-)

  2. Yup, I've seen that package opening tool. I just use my heavy duty scissors. Of course I think they also make the packaging that way so you are less apt to take the item back because the package is destroyed.

  3. Opening packages is a chore, for sure! I hope the Canada Costco red mouse works as intended. Cute blog post, Sue!

  4. That type of packaging has been a bug-a-boo of mine for a long time. I don't know how elderly folks have the strength to open a lot of that stuff. I generally attack it with a chainsaw:)) We have a couple Microsoft wireless 'mice' with our laptops that have worked well over the past year or two. Picked em up at Walmart I think. $29.95 if I remember correctly.....

  5. Jim is my tool for opening those things. I just throw it at him in frustration and he does his magic for me.

  6. I just hate the way most things are packaged today. It just seems we make more and more plastic to throw in our dumps. So sad.

  7. Be careful opening that could lose an arm!

  8. There are sooo many stupid packaging snafus out there...How do very elderly people even get into their meds, their food..and even some pop-tops!! I hate cork screws too..that's why I drink box or screw top wine:-))

  9. I think it is a china/Walmart conspiracy:) As for the packaging, it drives me nuts. We can thank all those petty thiefs out there for that, I guess:(

  10. Nice blog. It's crazy how packaging has become so difficult to open.

    Hope your new wireless mouse responds to your Dell.

  11. ACK! I hear ya on the packaging. I guess merchants have to do something to foil the shoplifters. Maybe they should start opening the packages for us "older" folks at the check-out...after we pay, of course!!

  12. Is everything including cereal packages harder to open now days or are we all getting older??

  13. Nice post Sue, not a fan of today's packaging either.

  14. I can't believe how they package some of that stuff...crazy!

  15. there is a tool for that..and it works well...we had one and now can't find it...its like entering a battle field when needing to open those packages..especially when your excited to hold and use that shiny new item..drives me nuts...good post...

  16. China and Wal-Mart what a combo!! I agree with the packaging issues!! What a pain in the rump. I wonder how biodegradable that packaging stuff is??
    Sorry about your "mouse" problems but glad you got them straightened out!! YAY Costco!!

  17. Hi Sue, there is tool to open sealed packages, available through Here's the link:
    I keep meaning to order one for us, too! LOL
    But I agree, they should make packaging a little more user friendly!!

  18. The secret is to have a good xacto knife or utility knife and slit it along the perimeter to create a nice clean separation of the two sections.

    1. Also a note with the microsoft wireless mice, you really have to go to their website and do some digging to get the driver bundle that should have shipped with the mouse in the first place to make them function properly.

      I had this issue with the one I have for a couple years before I finally dug up the full software package for the mouse and installed it, making it at last function properly.

  19. I've cut myself on that kind of packaging, and bought that special cutting thing for the plastic packaging. I was okay, but I put it away and forgot it. Then I got Fiskars Softtouch scissors that work great. I think they are for crafting, but I use them for everything.

    I have that same mouse that I got at Costco and really like it. :)


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