Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Small Town Celebration!


One year ago today we were in the town of Port Orford, Oregon....about to experience our first ‘small town 4th of July celebration..


..a little town on the coast of Oregon..filled with the good old American spirit..


The day started off with a pancake breakfast at the local town  hall..and the quilt show followed after that…


and what is the 4th of July without a parade..




or a sand castle competition


a dingy race..


and then the day ended with a big bang..the fireworks show at Battle Rock..


We thoroughly enjoyed our day last year celebrating the 4th of July with our American neighbours..

now this year we are at home in Coquitlam, but my parents are about to experience their own ‘Small Town American 4th of July’ in the town of Port Orford..

We hope that everyone has a great day!..Happy Independence Day to our American friends!!



  1. Small towns celebrate it best. There are small crowds, small competitions, small parties with lots of big friendships.

  2. I hope your mom enjoys it as much as those pictures show that you did last year.

  3. We really enjoyed Port Orford. Lovely little town. We, too, enjoy small town celebrations!

  4. There is nothing like small town July 4th celebrations...

  5. Nothing beats a small town celebration. Nothing. I think Billings is too big to enjoy anymore and it only has 100,000 people. So we're going to enjoy our day here at home.

  6. Glad you got to get a taste of America's birthday celebrations. It's always a great day. :c)

  7. Small town celebrations are always the best. Our little town had a good one Sunday! ;-)

  8. That was fun, Sue, nice that you shared that sweet memory with us. We are going to do the small town thing this afternoon with family in Klamath Falls. I love it.

  9. What a fun party! Love the sandcastles...

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. At least Port Orford's fireworks show won't be cancelled like many in this hot, dry part of the country.

  11. What great memories; I know you can't wait to get on the road again!

  12. Glad you have that memory of last year and your folks will enjoy this yer. It is always good to read your thoughts on your blog each day! You & Doug take care!

  13. Well, we do live right next door to a scenic small town but for the most part we have a tendency to kinda hide out in our quiet little pine forest & skip the festivities. But, not always:))

  14. sounds and looks like you had a great day!!!!! A busy one for sure...:)

  15. Sounds like you had the PERFECT 4th! :)

  16. Happy 4th of July to you! I love parades and small towns too!

  17. Can't believe it's already been a year just seems like yesterday when you were meeting up with Russ and Donna on your way down. Sure was a beautiful area to visit.

  18. We're so glad our neighbors to the north can enjoy a good old fashioned American 4th of July!! Hope your folks had as much fun this year as you and Doug did last year. Someday maybe we can go north and enjoy a Canada Day celebration. That would be fun.


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