Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Great ‘Kinder Caper?’


The “kinder egg’ is a special treat that our darling daughter use to love getting when she was much younger..

A large chocolate egg with a toy inside..sometimes the toy came assembled and sometimes it didn’t..


..these chocolate ‘surprise eggs’..are only available in Canada..

I  haven’t really thought about them for a long time..that was until today…

The ‘great Kinder  Egg Caper’ was a newsworthy item today. It seems that these little chocolate delights tried to make an escape to the land of red, white and blue..

and today they were ‘stopped dead in their tracks’..


it seems that they are not allowed to enter the USA..they are banned because the small toy inside is  deemed a ‘choking hazard’..

A couple of Seattle residents had a few of these ‘dangerous goods’ in the trunk of their car....

They were told by the ‘border guard’ that these ‘goods’ were not allowed entry into the USA..and each egg could be a $2500 fine..they had 6 of them in their trunk for a grand total of a $15,000 fine..


The ‘couple’ had to spend some time  being interrogated over these ‘eggs’…dangerous contraband..who knew??


According to our local news there has been over 60,000 Kinder eggs that have been seized at the border last year..


Who would have thought that a little chocolate treat could create so many problems?..

Never mind the guns, drugs or terrorists that cross the border..beware of the ‘dangerous chocolate eggs with the toy inside’


I am all for keeping the border secure but I do believe that this item being on the list of items that are prohibited from entering the USA is something that needs to be re-evaluated..

In the end the ‘contraband treats’ were not confiscated..the couple was allowed to take them home to share with their family and friends..

Tax dollars well spent, I say!!


  1. Lovely header photo!
    Oh good grief...I swear...any government can find a way to spend money foolishly. I guess they don't think parents are smart enough to know what age child can handle the eggs.

  2. Thanks for the info. I feel so much safer knowing I'm being protected!

  3. Good to know government stupidity is alive and well. I do so miss common sense.

  4. You evil Canadians, forcing these deadly eggs on the American public. Thank goodness the U.S. border guards are on their toes to prevent innocent children from these horrifying items.

    Just another reason to be thankful that we pay good money in taxes to our government to protect us from such dangers. ;c)

    No wonder all the illegal aliens and drugs get across the border, the guards are too busy looking for chocolate eggs!

  5. I guess we should be so thankful that the border guards were on their toes to interrogate that couple regarding the contraband they were trying to smuggle across the border. I'm sure the rest of us south of that border feel so much safer that the eggs are staying in Canada. Who would have thought?!! Don't they have a real job to do instead of worrying about the chocolate eggs?

  6. What else is there to say? We also read about the temporary halt of these items across the border. If 60,000 eggs were confiscated at the border, do you suppose the children of the border guards enjoyed (1) the chocolate, and (2) the toys inside?

  7. I have never understood why they are 'illegal' in the US. Are parenting skills that bad that they have to protect the children from such a life threatening item...I'm joking of course.
    I guess now only a really stupid drug smuggler would hide their contraband in a Kinder Surprise. :P

    1. actually when I was researching about the Kinder Caper, there was a story on line with regards to marijuana being hidden inside a Kinder Surprise?

  8. I had never heard of Kinder Eggs until this story appeared in the news. The funny part, to me, is that after the big interrogation and warnings, the border patrol still let the family bring the eggs into the U.S. In that case, why were they stopped at the border?

  9. I've seen them in the stores here in Vienna. Always makes me think of the "embargo".

  10. We also read this post in the Globe and Mail. You are right. They should be spending more time looking for guns and drugs than the chocolate eggs. We have had these in Canada for years. What will they think of next?

  11. Those are so cute! I want one but I won't ever get one. Too dangerous!! But really, do you think the border patrol all just liked the taste of them and wanted to keep them for themselves?

  12. People you are missing the point!! Don't you know the government ALWAYS knows what is best for you and is just trying to protect you from yourselves!!! My goodness, you cannot expect the common man to make a rational decision as to what is best, now can you? My, my, my sometimes we just aren't grateful enough for all the "protecting" that is done on our behalf. (is there a sarcasm font on Blogger?)

  13. wow...go figure ...our adult kids still love kinder eggs and so do our grands...who would ever believe that they are 'outlawed' in the US....sounds like the 'baby walkers' saga -they are no longer sold in the market...we drove over to Maine to buy one for our grands when they were babies...all my kids had walkers..they made life so much easier...all because some parents didn't watch their babes while in them..and they tumbled down what responsible parent allows them even near the stairs while in one...they are now off the Canadian market...


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