Saturday, July 28, 2012

The ‘nickel’ tour?


time for the tour of the inside of our new ‘pop-up’ tent trailer..

It is a 2012 StarCraft 1020 Comet..

IMG_8756 comes with an electric crank..just push a button on the more hand cranking..

we have our own personal ‘air conditioners’..all three of them..


a king size bed..big enough for two..with room for the ‘Golden boy’ when he decides to hop on up..


a fridge that runs on battery, propane and electricity..


and an auto-light furnaceIMG_9127 and cold running pumping or boiling water any more..


a coffee station..including the well travelled and well used cappuccino maker


an indoor/outdoor stove..


a dining booth..that can be taken outside also..complete with a fruit platter for decoration..


and then there is the storage area..the bathroom, clothes closet and kitchen cupboard area..some would use it as a bed but not us..


and a stereo complete with MP3 player..


but the best part of it  is the view from my ‘office’ this week…


oh sure we would be fine without the internet but if it’s there why not use it..


all the comforts of home..folds down to a neat little package and expands with ease..

The 'priorities’ of life..


..and so ends the ‘nickel tour’


  1. Love the tour! That bed looks awesome. I think one of the things I loved the best about the pop-up was having the open air all around the bed - I loved sleeping like that. :) I also love the open air office. :)

  2. It is really a great looking pop-up. I wasn't sure what to expect (not ever having looked at a pop-up before) and I was amazed at how nice and comfortable it is. Love the t-shirt.

  3. Your header photo is terrific!
    I feel I owe you more than a nickel for the wonderful tour. You do have all the conveniences of home.

  4. Very nice...very similar to the one we had only we did not have a bathroom. They are sure a lot better than they were many years ago!

  5. They sure do know how to pack a lot of adventure into a compact space. Nice rig for sure..........

  6. We started with a PUP and enjoyed it for the time we had it. Graduated to a bumper pull, which we used more since it was less work to set up and take down. Again, though, the PUP was great fun and introduced to camping the USA. :)

  7. I bet it's nice to have all that fresh air as you sleep at night; very nice rig you bought yourselves.

  8. You only go around once in life and it looks like you are doing it in style with your new RV. Congrats, no more worries about cranking up and down, how cool is that? :c)

  9. I can remember having to pump our water...yikes! Nice trailer!

  10. I loved our pop ups. The second one we bought new was similar to yours. I loved the big bed and it was really comfortable. We didn't hsve a bathroom but Ken hooked up a pump to the kitchen sink so we didn't have to pump for water. Actually, we had more room for visitors in the pop up than we do in this camper now.

    Unless we had overnight visitors, we used the second bed just like you do. Works great!

    Congrats on your new purchase. Love your office too. Wonder if my boss would let me move my office to that spot?

  11. Really nice looking rig. That's a great view from your office, too. Thanks for the tour. Now we know that Tucker can fit on the bed, and that's probably all he cared about, isn't it? You will enjoy yourselves no matter where you are, and the nice thing can be anywhere you want. Enjoy.

  12. Loved the tour! There's a lot to be said for having a manageable rig; you can enjoy your vacation without spending all your time tending to the machinery. Very smart.


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