Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today was a quiet day..no driving..

Just sitting and enjoying the view this morning..2012_07_246

..yes, that is a vanilla steamed milk you see..the very important cappuccino maker also travelled with us..


..even Bart removed himself from his usual perch on the dash of jeep to have a photo taken in front of the Flathead River.


..in honour of our friends who were suppose to here with us..I will conduct a ‘tour’ of our Campground.

We are parked at Spruce Park on the River..only a short travel distance to Glacier National Park, Highway to the Sun..nestled on the shores of the Flathead River.


It is ‘big rig’ friendly..spacious sites, clean washrooms and a weekly rate for a riverfront site with power and water cost us $226.00.


..the roads are paved and the sites are all grass.


The campground wifi is good,  there is laundry facilities and the showers are .25 cents for 12 minutes.


..just a lazy day in Kalispell..

we set up our new ‘house’.. a screen house that is..great for dining outside which we enjoy, minus the ‘flying guests’..


..made some fresh squeezed  lemon aide..


..read a book..


..took Tucker to the off leash area a few times…


..yes, it is as big as it looks..finally a campground that caters to the ‘four legged companions’


We even had some company..Jim and Sandie  are staying in a campground only a few miles from us, so they came over this afternoon for a visit.

Once again it is nice to put a voice and face to the blog…IMG_8877

Such a lovely couple and we look forward to spending some more time with them as the week progresses.

They are our ‘number 15’!

So as our first day since we left home,  of ‘no driving’ is winding down, we are most thankful for this day of ‘rest and relaxation’..


..time for a glass of wine and some dinner..Cheers, blog-peeps!


  1. Thanks so much for the Tour. We so wish ours was there.

    It looks like your week is off to a splendid start. We look forward to more pics and posts! Enjoy!

  2. We love Sandi and Jim! We met them in 2010 at the "Q." We were with them this spring also. What a lovely couple!
    I LOVE Karen Kingsbury. I read all her books. I mostly read historical Christian fiction. If you are ever looking for more great Christian authors, try Jan Karon, Judith Miller, Janette Oke, Tracie Peterson or B ad B Thorene.

  3. Really lovely spot. Thanks for the Tour! Hope you bloggers have a terrific time together. :)

  4. Tears of joy ..... so happy when friends meet friends. Love ya all.

  5. Beautiful area....it's great to have a rest day, especially in a place that gorgeous....enjoy folks!!!!

  6. Nice to see you've gotten away from it all and took some of the best things with you.

    Jim and Sandie are lots of fun, we met them in Q last January.

  7. Nice to finally have a day where you just enjoy your surroundings and don't have to drive anywhere. Very fine looking campground you're at. Are you going to visit Glacier NP?

  8. Nice Tour... Looks like a great spot.

  9. Sounds like a great place. We want to get that way some day, I'll add it to my possible list on Pinnerest.

  10. Looks like the perfect spot to be lazy!

  11. So great to meet you guys today. My picture of you guys is lousy so after checking on the girls we went to Best Buy and bought me a new camera. Also found out that the red bus tour is booked solid for the rest of the week. Good thing we're flexible. Loved sitting by the river with you guys.

  12. Give Jim and Sandie a hug for us but tell Tucker to be careful around Jim especially if he's going to be in the water. Jim travels with fishing poles that have hooks on them!!

  13. Perhaps you have one of the few tent trailers that travels with a cappucchino maker? Sorry about the mosquitoes, but I'll bet that screened room over your table will come in very handy! It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers. :)

  14. Great looking campground...what a view. Love the off-leash area. So glad more campgrounds are seeing the benefit to having some perks for our four-legged friends. How about a tour of the inside of your new camper?

  15. Lovely spot you have there....Enjoy the quietness...and go to Glacier..You could do the "going to the sun" road in your jeep.

  16. Nice tour of the RV park. It looks really nice. Continue enjoying the relaxed time.

  17. Hello. First off congratulations on your new trailer!! Looking at your pictures, it looks like you also have a nice screen tent. What is the make, model and size? Do you like it (time to set up take down, etc.).



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