Friday, July 27, 2012

Travelling to new heights..


Our Friday dawned before the sun had even peeked over the horizon..


another adventure was on the agenda…one that I was a bit leery about..not being a big fan of heights, so needless to say I was a bit apprehensive…

We had been told or rather warned about our plan..narrow winding roads up the side of a mountain..sheer drop offs with no barricades..

Where were going?..

The road to the sun..

Going to the sun road is one of the world’s most spectacular highways.

Bisecting the heart of Glacier, the 50 mile long road follows the shores of the park’s two largest lakes and hugs the cliffs below the Continental Divide as it traverses Logan’s Pass.

Many scenic turnouts and wayside exhibits let you stop and enjoy the drive at your own pace.

Fullscreen capture 27-Jul-2012 213719

It was  a 165 mile round trip from our campsite  to the West Gate at Glacier National Park,


we paid our fee of $25, good for one week of  unlimited visits..


My palms were sweaty in anticipation of that ‘jello-ie leg’ feeling..


the climb is very quick…


..there are a few tunnels..


..the first vantage point that we stopped at was Heaven’s Peak..




..Tucker even got out of the water here little buddy..just a big ‘rock’..


… water?..what the heck?


lots of green lush valleys..


and a few waterfalls..


..the views are many pictures to share..




..I have no idea about this..Doug snapped this photo..can you imagine falling to your ‘death?’..


..we arrived at the visitor’s center at Logan’s Pass..



..where’s Bart?


..there he is..”I mushed his face into the rock, Mom..he isn’t sharing the photos with me!”


there, that’s better..just me and my ‘peeps’..Bart is back in the jeep where he belongs..



our first views of St. Mary Lake..almost ten miles long and 260 feet deep..

Did someone say Lake??


yes you heard correctly…soon little buddy..


….there you go…enjoy the water..

our next stop after we loaded the wet dog in the jeep..was the town of St.Mary..


..we left some of our $$ in this little store and when we went back outside..this fine looking ‘trike’ was parked beside us..


..note the leather bumper cover..Lazy Dawg? strange is that?

…We turned around and headed back towards the town of Kalispell…once again Tucker had to share the photo spotlight with Bart..’dang bear’..


as we took the road to the sun again..the views are different..


..and we took the time out for another lake for Tucker..this time it was Lake Macdonald..


..our day ended with a dinner date with Jim and Sandie at a local Kalispell restaurant..


..and their friend, Paul joined us as well..

IMG_9334 as the sun set on this fine day..we are tucked in this evening in our cozy pop-up with  a raging thunder/lightning/wind/rain and hail storm…sure hope the sun comes back tomorrow…


  1. Nice photos, Sue. Tucker sure knows how to get wet, doesn't he? Glad you stayed on the road o.k. and didn't run into any of those rock slides that they had up there just awhile back. (Sure, now we tell you that, right!?!)Great places to visit, thanks for sharing.

  2. Love those kinds of mountain roads & that kind of scenery. Sure beats that flat land big city living eh. Looks like you guys are having a mighty fine time. Too bad you couldn't make it over to Janna & Mike's ranch.

  3. Love the scenery -- I know we're going to really enjoy it there. A co-worker once volunteered at Glacier early in the season and helped clear snow off the trails.

  4. Just a great ride, and Tucker even got his swims in.Glad your vacation is going so good. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Nice header photo.
    Lovely photos of the Park. We didn't get to stop there so happy to see what it looks like.
    Just got to love Jim and Sandie. The nicest couple.

  6. Bet that was a fun ride. Annie says Tucker is so lucky think she wants to come visit him.

  7. I think my knees would be shaking on that trip up too. The reward is amazing though.

  8. Been there...and glad you did that "going to the sun" road...There is nothing like it..I am reliving our trip with Big Dawg and Freeway, and thanks for taking me...Can we stop at a liquor store?? I need more Rum after that drive up the mountain..

  9. As usual, you have outdone even yourself. Love ya. Have fun. (by the way - NEVER, EVER, go up to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral

  10. Great post. But you really must work with Tucker on that jealousy. Poor Bart, being smashed down on the rocks. Had a fun time at dinner last night. Who knows when I'll get my post done.

  11. Great pictures, beautiful scenery, glad you are having a fun time.
    Too funny about Lazy Dawg.

  12. Is here a bus? Just kidding, I'm sure we will take that drive one day as well. Maybe next year.

  13. You didn't mention if you had white knuckles once you got on the Going-to-the-Sun road. Your pictures are fantastic! Isn't St. Mary's Lake great--it was one of our favorite spots. When we were at Glacier in July last year, the road to the sun wasn't open all the way yet.

  14. What an absolutely gorgeous spot!! It's funny that as much as I love the mountains, I don't miss living on one.
    Keep enjoying!!

  15. What memories this brings back for us. We were there in August of last year and have some of the same pictures that you shared!! What a gorgeous place and so unspoiled!! Enjoy and travel safely!!

  16. Looking forward to visiting Glacier National again this September :).


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