Sunday, July 22, 2012

Triple D?

Our day started one can accuse of us of wasting a day in sleeping in..

2012_07_22the plan was to have breakfast in the town of Coeur D’ Jimmy’s Down the Street.2012_07_221

.this little diner was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Drives..or Triple D..

The food was good..the servings were huge.. and the prices even better..bacon, eggs, hash browns and pancakes for two for less than $20.

After breakfast we had to do some grocery shopping at Wal-Mart..and what do we see in the parking lot?..don’t get me wrong we have nothing against the ‘Wal-Mart overnighters’..


we have done it ourselves..but you can be sure we wouldn’t be setting up camp with our ‘popup’..

The weather is warm and sunny..and since there is a very large lake in our ‘neighbourhood’…


and a road that goes along the lake..


..there has to be a place to take ‘the chosen one’ for a swim..


..not here though..all the access to the water is marked as private property..


..finally after about 10 miles of winding roads and tight corners..2012_07_224

the Tuckmeister has added a new body of water to his list…

such enthusiasm he has for swimming…


he can even ‘fly’!!

as were standing on the shore..up on the  road..what do we see?..a bird?.. a plane?! another  orange jeep!!


..and here we thought we were the only crazy ones!


Tucker shook himself off..hopped back in the jeep and we were off again in search of a gas the middle of no where?..we did manage to find one…another 12 miles down the road..this road to no where?…

We decided we weren’t going to go any further but we spotted a sign for a campground?..

there was even some gravel..small amount! but it was gravel?..not exactly “jeep worthy”..

another road to what seems like no-where..


..even ‘Bart’ was getting a bit tired of this adventure, today!



..we did finally find the campground..sure wouldn’t want to forget anything..would be a long drive to the store!!


heading back..we noticed a few dilapidated buildings…imagine the stories if these old houses and barns could talk..


..time for one more swim  for Tucker before we headed back to our campsite..

2012_07_229 as our ‘Triple D’ day comes to an end..Diner, Drive and Dilapidated..

We leave you with one last photo of Tucker ..the ‘flying golden’..or maybe we could call him the ‘flying Walenda?’


tomorrow is travel day..Big Sky Country is our next stop…


  1. That boy sure does love to swim..reminds me of my Maggie, she used to dive in just like that. I sure miss her.

  2. What a fine lake Tucker was able to swim in today! I guess when you go to Walmart with your orange Jeep, you can always find it in the parking lot again. ;) Your header picture looks so cozy that I just want to take a nap in one of those beds...well, maybe not Tucker's bed. ;)

  3. Tucker is truly a Wallenda.....Idaho is one of our very favorite states...You need to go South into Idaho...beautiful...beautiful...beautiful....Have fun, you two/three!!

  4. Yes, you are really trend setters. I keep seeing orange jeeps all over the place now that you have one. Glad Tucker enjoyed the lake so much...know there will be many more for him to sample before you head back home. Thanks for sharing all the great photos. Are we there yet?

  5. Are you planning to end up at the 'Boulder' ? I wish Emma liked water. It would burn off some of her energy for me. :(

  6. Tucker sure does know how to launch. Can hardly wait to see him in person. Ours wouldn't go near water if their lives depended on it. Have a safe day of travel tomorrow.

  7. I think orange is the color of the decade! I have been seeing more and more of it on new cars and trucks in the last year or so.

  8. So wish we were there! Safe travels!

  9. Tucker you go big guy. What a beautiful swimmer. Wonderful pictures of your trip. I like the breakfast picture haha!!

    What is it about dilapidated old barns and houses? Wish I knew. We love to photograph them also.

  10. Another blog I follow is in Coeur D’Alene. What a lovely place. We missed it when we went from Spokane to Yellowstone. Maybe next time.

  11. Glad to see you're enjoying your time on the road regardless of what you expect to find. Tucker is quite a water lover.

  12. Tucker's creed: Let no body of water go un-swum! :c)

  13. hahahah atta a boy tucker!!! you are a true golden...we had a swimming pool (were we nuts or what) and with five kids and five adult goldens we were forever adding water to it....

  14. Looks like Tucker may be qualified for the high dive. Looks like you found lots of interesting things along the way even though the road seemed to go to nowhere.

    we have an orange golf cart. I love your jeep!

  15. Good to see you guys are out and Tucker is enjoying the water, Rigg's is definitely not a diver, a speed swimmer yes but he prefers to run into the water.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  16. "a bird?.. a plane?" ... that would apply to Tucker, too :-))

  17. Coeur d'Alene is one of our favourite areas too. When Jeanette and I lived in Spokane, WA, we often drove into the area. We also by there on our way back to Edmonton, our home city at the time.

    Enjoy your camping holiday. It's fun to follow along.

  18. You probably passed the town of Wallace Idaho..A very neat little town just off the Interstate..they've made a couple movies there..We stopped long ago BTC...(Before The Camper)..I notice how clear the water is there...Montana is like that too..If you get a chance, go to Bigfork...on Flathead Lake...another great stop on the way to Glacier Nat'l Park, if that's where you are headed....LOVE the Pacific Northwest!!

  19. Looks like the vacation is off to a good start. Sure looks like a nice area your visiting in. Nice to see that Tucker is enjoying his vacation also. Looks like we will be in BC til October so maybe we can catch up with you guys after your vacation. Safe travels.

  20. This was a fun post - I love seeing dogs dive in and swim. The flying shot is precious! :)

  21. Beauty Bay and the road to Harrison was my home. Gas at that station. When it was open. Was the only option. You make me homesick


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