Saturday, July 21, 2012

Virgin Roads..


We have landed safely in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho..

Our morning began before the sun was even up..try 330 am.

We were packed up and on the road before 430 and at the Duty Free before 530. Sure nice to travel when there is no traffic.


we purchased our two bottles of Disaronno, and headed for the inquisition at the border..

  • turn your engine off
  • give me the keys
  • is this your jeep?
  • is this your tent trailer?
  • where are you going?
  • how long?
  • where do you work?..once again?
  • dog food?
  • what else do you have in there?.. as he peered in the windows with his flashlight

and then there was the token comment. have a nice holiday..

We travelled south on the I-5 until the 405 exit.


..we proceed east on the 405..traffic was okay..we moved right along admiring the views out the windshield..the mountains and the clouds made for an interesting sight..


..we also have a new ‘ride along’..his name is Bart the Bear..


He is from the ‘hood’!!..this is his first ride along and he really needs to move his head and get it out of the windshield photos!


the blue skies appeared by the time we got through all the mountain passes on the I-90..the highest elevation was at Snoqualmie Pass at 3022 feet..Elk Pass was 2359 feet and Ryegrass elevation was 2353 feet.

A bridge loomed on the horizon..the Wagnum Dam Bridge..


..there was a view point just over the bridge..

2012_07_215 we had our picture taken..


We stopped for  a lunch break in Moses Lake..


..two subway sandwiches and a run at the park for our other ‘traveller’.


by this time we had been on the road for almost 8 hours..we still had a ways to go…

along the I-90 there is so many wind turbine farms..


and fields of alfalfa, sweet corn, potatoes and field corn and we were surprised that on each section of fence there was a sign as to what was growing there..


this is american farm land.. I managed to capture this barn on the hill as we were whizzing on by..

IMG_8646 1:15 we entered Spokane..


and not even 15 minutes it is ..another state welcome sign..


..and there is Lake Coeur D’Alene..

..and finally our destination..


..we are tucked in our very skinny site..good thing we are small..and it’s only for two nights..

Dinner and a walk ..and we are done for the day…but not before some photos of the sun going down..


Day one is complete…time for bed…


  1. where are you camped in Coeur D Alene? I have a sculpture of a coyote that I treasure by David Govedere, the artist who did "Grandfather lets loose the ponies" That sight on the hill overlooking the Columbia River is a favorite. David had a dream to someday sculpt a great basket behind the horses. He is a neat man! He also did the runners in downtown Spokane. So tickled to see all my home country again through you.

  2. Even though I grew up on a farm in Iowa, I always appreciate seeing signs telling me what is growing in the fields. You had a long day today, but I can appreciate that you wanted to get through the border at a non-busy time. A big welcome to your new traveling buddy, Bart the Bear. He's a cutie and I'll bet he doesn't whine, "Are we there yet?" ;)

  3. Wow, that's a long drive in one day. You sound so happy to be on the road. Loved all the photos. Can hardly wait to see Tucker going for a swim tomorrow. Sleep well my friends.

  4. Great day even if it was mostly on the road, now open that wine and kick back and relax.Let Tucker unwind in a lake tomorrow. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Long day, but satisfying I'm sure to get to your destination and settle down for a few days.

  6. WOW...I thought we got started early. You two beat our record. Glad you are safe and sound. Enjoy Coeur D’Alene.

  7. That was a long trip! Love the pix - beautiful country. Speaking of pix, are you going to post some of your new "hangout"? :)

  8. That was surely a long day. How many miles did you drive anyway?

    1. It was about 450 miles or 728 kilometers for those crazy Canadians!

  9. We have always called untraveled area virgin territory too. I love the shot of the clouds in the mountain. You got a really good campsite there! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy..........

  10. Looking Good! see you next week!

  11. Hope Tucker doesn't take a liking to your new traveler. :)

  12. Glad you made it safe and sound--we love the CDA area, too!

  13. Bart would not survive our girls. He's have to fear for his life. Loved that cloud picture. That area is so beautiful and hopefully a little cooler than it has been.

  14. Hey, we have a grandson living in Post Falls, right next door to Coeur d'Alene! Wave as you go by! We always enjoy seeing crop labels along the highway. How else will you know sweet corn from field corn without having to stop and ask someone!

  15. that is one heck of a long day...I'll bet you slept well last the new digs

  16. Good for you. You're on the road with the next adventure just around the corner. We used to have a tent trailer ... well, we've had several. There were lots of fun times traveling in those.

  17. And how about that great feeling when you reached your destination, pulled in, turned the engine off, got out & just stood there looking around with that super great feeling inside that only comes after a long day's journey to an evironment you

  18. Looks like I'm not the only one who will have plush ride-alongs with me on a journey :).

    For my fall transcontinental adventure I will have two new riders in the truck with me.

    One is Fireman Duck, a little rubber ducky a friend of mine found in the gravel of a parking lot one time and tossed in the truck.

    I cleaned him up and stuck him on the dash board.

    The other is actually a little Dick Tracy toy from a pub I usually visit for lunch, who simply goes by the name of "Dick". They have a "Take Dick Travelling" board in the pub with photos from where the little figurine has been taken around the world.

  19. Except for the inquisition, it sounds like a nice trip:)

  20. I like your new bear, he's a fun looking little guy. Glad you made it through all the hassles, and have two nights now to recover a bit. Press on, the roads beckon, the mountains await. Are we there yet?


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