Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Was I the last?


On my side bar for almost two years..there was a photo of Bruce and Margie..


and today I  noticed  that the bloggers who had a photo of them on their sidebars....it had since disappeared..


Was I the last one to still have their photo on my sidebar?

So today was the day that I removed it..they are not gone from my memory..but time marches on…and the blogging world lives on..


They were our ‘number 7’…there has since been ‘7’ more meet and greets..

..now as we embark on our Summer Vacation this weekend…

  • there is packing to do…
  • organizing of clothes and groceries..
  • laundry and housework


all the fun preparations of getting things together…

  • There will be new views out the windshield
  • roads we have yet to travel on…
  • new lakes for Tucker to swim in
  • bloggers to meet
  • old and dear friends to see
  • family to visit
  • photos to take

just a normal vacation…bring it on..we are so ready!!!


  1. Ah the anticipation of a trip, know the feeling , can't wait to see where you guys take us, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. I hadn't noticed their picture was being removed. There might be one or two more out there. Even though I never put their picture on my blog, I still think about Margie and Bruce pretty often...such a senseless loss...

    On a more positive note, have a great vacation!! Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about it! :)

  3. No, you weren't the last. I just removed mine. Was wondering if I should and I really hadn't noticed that others had til you mentioned it. I think of them often and still can't believe they're gone.

  4. We who knew Margie & Bruce through our blogs will always remember them. Margie was often one of the first people to leave a comment on my blog each morning. I love the anticipation & planning of a trip. Always a sure fire mental boost just thinking of going somewhere. The more extensive the trip, the bigger the boost. I remember when we were both working how much we looked forward to heading off somewhere on the week-ends. Always felt so great to get away from daily routine chores. It was those week-end camping trips where we would excitedley talk about future RV traveling plans to destinations we could only hope & dream about at the time. And, then one day, we set off & drove all the way to our dreams:))

  5. The anticipation of going somewhere, planning the route, and learning all about what's there is one of the biggest positives of full timing. I just LOVE pouring over information about an area and learning all the cool stuff that's there. OR, sometimes it's just a really beautiful spot, quiet and peaceful and a little gem of a campground that makes you feel like you are at home with Mother Nature, like our last campground at Timothy Lake, where all the deer came walking through the campground each day.

  6. Have a great vacation! Can't wait to read all about it.

  7. It's a lot of work getting ready to go, but the rewards are surely worth it. :)

  8. YEA! Party time! Bring it on.

    Your photos are lovely. Is that your place in photo three? What a lovely setting.

  9. There is just no feeling like that anticipation of being able to go somewhere.

  10. Have a great time! Can't wait to see you guys here in Nelson!

  11. Have a wonderful vacation!!! No better feeling than getting in the rig and hauling out..

  12. Have a good and safe trip. Look foward to see where you take us..

  13. Bruce and Margie will always remain with those of us that knew them through their blog and/or visits with them. They were truly a huge part of the full-time world and blog world. We will always love them!
    So excited for you guys!! Off on a "grand" adventure!! Have fun and be safe!!

  14. Our travel dates keep changing and it's driving me crazy, thank goodness we are retired!! We are getting a new roof on the house so we can't bring the trailer home until that is done!
    Have a safe and wonderful trip, say hi to Brenda and Ken for us!

  15. Sometimes I enjoy the planning almost as much as the actual trip. Can't wait to follow along on your vacation, I know you'll have a blast...and Tucker will too!

  16. Margie and Bruce may be gone, and gone from your website, but they definitely won't be forgotten.

    Now that Dave and I are winding down our summer trip, we are looking forward to following along on your trip!

  17. I never got to know Margie and Bruce very well, as I am a pretty new blogger myself...I will never forget how she loved it when I complemented on her beautiful silver hair, and how I wish I had it..I know, it sounds dumb, but my hair has almost NO gray and I sure would love some silver in it for highlights..I hate it dark...Anyhoo, I LOVE packing the camper ....I HATE unpacking it...It's totally a mental thing I guess.

  18. Have a wonderful vacation! Be safe!

  19. Enjoy your travels!........We get yancy to travel, but we're getting old........we still got the idea's in our head, but the ole body won't follow.......:-) We keep trying tho!

  20. I am sure looking forward to a virtual ride along on your trip. Tucker is going to have so much fun with new water adventures. have a great time.


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