Saturday, July 28, 2012

yet another fine ‘dam’ day..


After the thunder and lightning and rain storm we endured, the thought of a rainy day was on our minds..but it wasn’t to be ..

Sunny and warm, yet again..

We slept in, had our coffee sitting by the river…the peace and tranquility of this spot is  what we are going to miss..

We headed into the town of Whitefish….Sandie was right..not much to see or do..


we did spot this gate..quite the creation and then in the front yard there was a teepee, and a red bus..


turns out is a lodge..


There is a lake..but it is a city beach and big sign that says ‘no dogs’..what the heck?..don’t they know Tucker?..and how he has to swim in every body of water he sees..

..he ‘cried’ as we drove away..I guess he missed the ‘class’ in reading signs..’big baby!’

Now what?..we were on a mission to find yet another place for him to swim..

..Heading towards West Glacier once again..along the highway there are signs for fishing holes..

A swim in the North Fork of the Flathead River..


there was lots of people launching their watercrafts..Doug spoke with one young guy and he said the fishing is pretty good..

.and then there was a big Newfie dog, named Ernie who wanted to play with Tucker but his family had other plans..a ride in the boat for him..sorry, time..

So since the title for this post is ‘yet another fine ‘dam’ day..

Hungry Horse Dam was our next destination..


..Tucker stayed in jeep..he was sulking because we passed a lake and didn’t stop..he is getting to be very demanding..we have created a swimming ‘monster’..


The Hungry Horse Dam was completed in 1953, Hungry Horse Dam is Montana's highest and the eleventh largest concrete dam in the U.S.

The 564-foot Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir are located 14 miles from Glacier National Park's west entrance.

2012_07_283 The dam, located on the South Fork of the Flathead River, was authorized to help prevent the recurring spring floods on the Columbia and Flathead rivers and to alleviate the annual winter power shortage in the Pacific Northwest.


The dam and reservoir are surrounded by spectacular mountains, offering excellent fishing and hiking in the immediate area.

The Hungry Horse Project received its name from two husky freight horses working in the rugged wilderness of the Flathead River's South Fork area.


They wandered away from their sleigh during the severe winter of 1900-01. After struggling for a month in belly-deep snow, they were found so starved and weak that considerable care and feeding was needed to nurse them back to health.


The name Hungry Horse stuck and was given to a mountain, a lake, a creek, and the dam.

..done with our tour of the dam..we headed back to the lake we passed on the way in..

Lions Lake..


Tucker had a great time as always…our boy loves to swim..don’t know what would write if he wasn’t so entertaining?

..with a wet soggy dog we continued onwards to the West Glacier Park entrance..stopping at the RV parks along the way..having a look to see if there is something better than what we have here..

We came to the conclusion that where we are is pretty darn nice..and nothing really compared to it..

We made one last stop before we turned around and that was at a Fishing tour place..inquiring minds wanted to know what the charge was for a day of fishing on the Flathead River..?..yikes..pretty expensive?


our evening ended with a barbecued steak dinner, a phone call from Paul and Mary and watching the traffic on the river float by…

2012_07_287 as I say good night from my ‘office’..hope everyone has had a great Saturday…one more day from Kalispell..


  1. When we stayed at the West Glacier KOA last year, we passed the sign for the Hungry Horse dam several times, but we never took the time to investigate, so I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Mighty fine "office" you have there at the lake!

  2. Sure glad that Tucker was finally able to get wet. Maybe you could pass him off as a "furry looking fisherman" and he could go anywhere he wanted. Tie a fishing net to his harness, and he could easily be a "water retriever". Glad you're enjoying your time. Peace and quiet, and nature's beauty...hard to beat.

  3. You really do have one of the prettiest sites in town. No doubt about it. And you've covered a lot of territory. We did almost nothing today.

  4. Are you planning to take a ride up to Polebridge? When we were at Hungry Horse Dam, I think I remember reading that it was the 6th largest in the country.

    Sounds like you're having a great time. I'm happy for you.

    Are the Hong Kong Harry signs still around the area?

  5. Dam this was an interesting post! ;-)

    So glad to see you're having such a good's making my travel itch even itchier!

  6. Beautiful country you are in. I love seeing pictures of Tucker and his swimming adventures. Whatta Dog!!

  7. We were looking forward to seeing the Hungry Horse Dam. We had to by-pass the Park so thanks for posting the photos. Looks pretty dam nice!

  8. You sure are in a beautiful area. Glad you guys are having some good fun...even Tucker is enjoying all his swimming. The lake formed by Hungry Horse Dam sure is pretty...

  9. If it isn't broken, don't fix it..You are in a great spot right where you are....Dam straight!!

  10. And it looks like a good time is being had by all.......

  11. Just awesome, the area, the pictures and the fun you are having. Tucker would agree. :c)


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