Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A bloomin’ great day!


Day two at Brae Island Regional Park..

It is amazing how quiet it is here, especially after being parked beside the ‘highway’ last weekend..

I slept for 11 hours…and even at 9:15 in the morning  it was still quiet..

Breakfast was over quickly and then we headed to the water for a ‘dip’..


we had the beach to ourselves..lots of room to run and splash..

In the afternoon we walked into the town of Fort Langley..


..and yes, I tied Tucker to a tree and went inside a few of the stores..he waited patiently..


lots of flowers blooming..



I purchased my ‘winning lotto 649 tickets’….hey, you never know..

and we headed back over the Jacob Haldi Bridge….2012_08_214

..and swim number two for today..


the balance of the afternoon was spent reading and knitting..


..there was time for one more swim..no pictures were taken of number 3…you know the drill..wet, stinky but very happy dog..

and when we returned, yet again..  I do believe that  a tired dog is a happy dog?

..naptime when we got back to camp..


‘Bart’ is waiting on the blog being done….but first…


..one more walk around the campground after dinner ..and we spotted this..all decked out in Christmas regalia!!


I have heard of ‘Christmas in July’?..but August?..I have no idea what is up with these campers?..it is very festive, that is for sure..


we are all ‘tucked in’ for the night..just wondering where I am going to sleep..looks like ‘someone’ is taking up the whole bed..


  1. Probably the reason I've never come close to winning a lotto. It helps to buy a ticket. Only takes one.
    The Christmas theme certainly would catch anyone's attention. Guess they're having fun. That's all that counts. Maybe they missed it in December??

  2. Your Tucker looks 'tuckered'. He is just as spoiled as our Jackson and worth every second of it too.

  3. OMG if I ever slept for 11 hours straight I would assume I had died....

  4. I occasionally sleep for 16 hours at a time...usually following extreme 'awake' times. Glad you got plenty of rest, and btw... GOOD LUCK with that ticket. Sure hope it is a winner... mine have not been so to date. Most I have ever done is $100 from a $5 scratch off. Dumb me... I bought more (lol) instead of pocketing the winnings.

  5. We can always dream..I'd buy a summer house in Maine if I won big. I'm a knitter, too. Looks like you are making a scarf and something else? I've heard of being ready for the holidays, but that's a bit much! :-)

  6. But Tucker looks so comfy all stretched out. I'm sure you didn't make him move did you? Fingers crossed for that winning ticket. Just be sure to remember all your friends who crossed their fingers for you. lol

  7. The Christmas in August display is a unique way of inviting new folks to stop by, ask questions, and become friends. Maybe they'd offer you a Hot Toddy. Give it a try!

  8. That was Santa Claus on his summer vacation. :c)

  9. I think Tucker is trying to coax you into joining him swimming with all the dips he takes :p.


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