Friday, August 17, 2012

A ray of ‘Hope’


The weather this week has been picture perfect..sunny and warm..a tad too warm for the those who have to work..but not so much for those that can stay home and bask in the sunshine!

This weekend we are off to the big town of Hope….the outskirts of it anyway..

We are staying at the Sunshine Valley RV Resort.


A complimentary stay courtesy of Fraserway Rv, two nights, full  hook ups and the only thing we have to do is attend a 45 minute presentation as they try and convince us to purchase a Holiday Trails Rv Membership.

We have driven through this area numerous times on our way to Keremeos..and we always smile to ourselves that it is called the Sunshine Valley but it never seems to be sunny when we are there?..

The weather forecast is for summer like conditions so we are ‘hope-ful’..

stay tuned…

We arrived on Friday at dinner time..traffic was not too pretty..


..within a couple of hours we were set up..dinner done..


nice big site..too bad this is our view..

Highway 3…the speed is 100 kms an hour..the traffic is constant but we aren’t going to complain..if we were paying this site would be a  whopping $54 a night..


we went for a walk about..checking out the fancy rigs..


.. note the big motorcycle tucked in behind the cab..


and then there was this one..IMG_9780

until we took a closer look..

I think this guy has been behind the wheel just a bit too long…


..can you imagine having this come up behind you as you are going down the highway?


and a few token flower shots..


..we ended our evening with a ‘campfire’..


IMG_9790 as we head to bed..the highway noise will ‘lull’ us to sleep..


  1. Hope you were tough at the presentation. Nice for a free stay but $54.00 a night. Nuts!

  2. What a hoot with the skeleton. Wonder what the guy driving that truck is thinking.

  3. I've never seen anything like that skeleton posed in the cab!

  4. Good luck at the sales presentation, I've heard they can get pretty intense sometimes. I have driven the Hope-Princeton highway several times on my way from Vernon to Vancouver & back but it was so long ago I have no recollection of the Hope area anymore....

  5. Can't see how that place is worth $54/night. Good luck with the road noise lulling you to sleep. :(

  6. A two night freebee for sitting through a presentation is OK. We've driven through the area many times but have never had the interest to RV there. We'll be interested in your impressions. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. I've been to a few presentations like that, none for an RV park however. You just have to be polite and let them do their talk. No is the answer.

  8. We are to the point that we may just camp in our backyard to "get away"...

  9. Stay strong to the hard sell, but enjoy the time away.

    I guess that guy wanted to die behind the wheel!

  10. That's a campground? It looks a graveled walmart parking lot.....


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