Sunday, August 26, 2012

all good things…


Our last few days at Brae Island Regional Park were quiet and peaceful..

No pictures were taken other than a few last night..

On Friday I drove back home to pick up was hard to go home..and leave the simple camping life behind even for just a few hours..


We all arrived back around dinner time..and before we knew it the day was done..

Saturday was  a quiet day..Carlie came for lunch..and then the afternoon was filled with naps, reading and knitting..oh and a few walks on the beach..

We also rescued our neighbour's black lab..seems that her family went to the pool and left her tied up outside..and she turned into Houdini..escaped her harness, and was wandering the field, beside us..

They were most grateful when they returned, and rewarded our kindness with a $10 gift card for Tim Horton’ nice o f them, but totally unnecessary..

The campground was full as was the beach….a lot nicer during the week, when it is not as busy..


Sunday we packed up and were home before 12:00…laundry done, grocery shopping and passport photos also taken..

and so begins yet another work week..and my final week of vacation..

All good things must come to an end..but there is still one more weekend?..Manning Park.


  1. It's always good to have one more trip to look forward to! Those sound like my kind of camping days. Peaceful and relaxing!

  2. So sorry you had to leave your nice little cabin in the woods (or beach!!). Tucker looks happy all stretched out by the fire.

  3. It takes those little camping jaunts away to keep everything in perspective. I remember it was on our week-end tent camping trips where we often talked about an RV life someday. The week-ends gave us hope & laughter before heading back into the grind of routine working & living. Those camping week-ends were always sooooooo precious to us & just re-affirmed our dreams for the future.............

  4. I too just got back to the Ranch after a week and a half at the lake with Rigg's, he is so spoiled,(here that Tucker)this was just a camping trip with the boys, no Grand-kid's as school and football is now in session.Hope you get another couple of weekends in before the Canadian cold weather hit's. We can generally camp right up to Nov 1st here before it starts to dip below freezing in MO. Last year Adam and I were swimming at at he Lake in the beginning of October although the water was cold.Rigg's will swim no matter how cold the water is. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Nice new header photo. What a beautiful view!
    Be careful this next weekend. It is the last for most people. It will be crowded but just think how nice it will to get away from the city hectic mode!

  6. You've made good use of your vacation time.

  7. I remember those Sundays of having to pack up to go home. I'm happy to be past that stage. Someday you'll have the satisfaction of watching other have to leave.

  8. Our short week on the Mississippi ended waaay too soon...It took us all of a day to load the Hiker up , and most of the day to unload it 6 days later...bummer.

  9. We also remember those weekend jaunts, back when the kids were little, and when they were bigger, and when they were off on their own. How precious was that time! We had three different tent trailers in that time, plus pickup camper, travel trailer, the back of the station wagon, and the start of it all, my parents 9X9 umbrella tent. Every trip was special, every vehicle (or tent) was special, and all contributed to the well-being of the LeRoy family.

  10. We got back yesterday as well but I was happy to get home to some was cold up in them there mountains.
    We don't have a date set for Monck as of yet but will definitely let you know. That will be our last outing for the year.

  11. It is not surprising that Brae Island RV Park would load up for the weekend. It's a great spot! With the school year soon to start, it would not surprise me to see the park loaded up till the end of the Labour Day weekend.

    Nice touch with assisting in the round up of the loose dog.

  12. One day, you won't be packing to go home, you'll already be there. That day will come, keep your eyes on the prize.

  13. We don't have to take the camper home each weekend but we still have to bring back food, clothes, etc each week. At least we have the pleasure as you do of some time in the woods to relax away from it all. We will be back in the grind next Tuesday.

  14. Glad you enjoyed your stay at Brae. Hope you enjoy this next week and your trip to Manning. Nice you were there for your neighbors dog. Think we have a name picked for our moose.


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