Sunday, August 5, 2012

and so it ends..

Our last two  days at Riverhaven RV park on the outskirts of the small town of Hedley, BC were quiet…


..the weather was warm and sunny…upwards of 34 degrees Celsius..


we spent most the last day sitting down by the river, with our chairs in the water, trying to stay cool..


Tucker swam laps..with the current and away from it..and then turning and doing it again and again..

We came to terms with the fact that our boy is addicted to swimming..he would do it all day long if we let him!


Doug captured these photos of the sun setting behind the mountain on our last night..



..we were up early this morning..a quick breakfast and the packing began..

By 1030 were heading west..

Fullscreen capture 05-Aug-2012 212747

295 kilometers..just under four hours…


We had a ‘S.A.G’ wagon along for the drive..nice of Carlie to carry some of our gear..

our first stop in Princeton..


..and then up the ‘mine hill’..

IMG_9753 was already a warm day..28  degrees Celsius and it was barely 11:30..

IMG_9755 stop was Manning Park Lodge..


Tucker’s and Bart’s turn for a photo op..just in case you have forgotten what they look like..


..we stopped in the town of Hope for lunch and then Carlie ‘left us in the dust’..I guess she got tired of following..

You know of course, that unless you are the ‘lead dawg, the view never changes’!


We crossed over the Golden Ears Bridge in Maple Ridge by 3:00..

IMG_9758 more stop at the car wash..spray those darn bugs off the trailer..


..and by 3:45 were pulling into the park-ade..


Carlie was already home..had unloaded her car and turned on the air conditioner in our condo for us..what a nice daughter!!!

..and so ends our summer vacation for 2012..

The stats..

kilometers driven- 3304

hours the jeep was driven-54 hours and 36 minutes

gas cost-$485

campground cost- $414 there you have it..if you lasted for the ‘two weeks’ in the ‘backseat’..we just want to say thank you for riding along with ‘Bigdawg and Freeway’..

..sure hope we kept you entertained..

..just a little side note..

on the is day, August 5, 1979.. ..Doug and I had our ‘first date’…who would have thought that 33 years later..we are still together..Happy Anniversary to us..


  1. Happy Anniversary! This was a great ride you took us all on, lots of places I would like to visit in both the US and Canada.

  2. Bob has a cousin or aunt or some kind of relative in's lovely around there. Glad you had a great time and good weather to boot!

  3. Vacations always end all to soon, Bet Tucker can't wait for the next one. Rigg's always looks forward to his seat in the truck no matter where it is going. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. Wow, that went by quickly!! Sure passed along some beautiful areas on your travels. :) Thanks for taking us along!!

  5. WOW...and they said it would never last...hehe. You two proved them all wrong. Happy Anniversary.
    Thanks for taking us along on your vacation. It was a great one!

  6. Wonderful trip..I hope you didn't mind that I actually SAT in the river to stay cool....with a glass of wine in my hand...Let's do this again...Oh, and make sure you jump in the GMC next week...Mississippi River here we come!!(hopefully):-)

  7. Well, at least Tucker is happy! Glad you're back o.k. Thanks for letting us ride along. This heat is no fun, so turn up the a/c.

  8. I really enjoyed riding along in the back seat, and napping in your popup trailer. I stayed hidden during all the pictures. ;) I'm glad we are all home safe and sound now and in the airconditioning!

  9. I know it's not fun to be back with "work" looming but I sure am glad we got to meet you guys. Makes reading blogs so much more fun when you have actually met the people who are writing them. Stay cool and start making your plans for your next journey.

  10. Happy Anniversary! What a great trip you took us on..

  11. Loved your vacation! I'm going to back up and read again. Hoping some day to make it up that far to see those beautiful sites!

  12. happy Anniversary, and welcome back home even if you'd rather be elsewhere enjoying your pop-up.

  13. Heres hoping tat you can take another trip very soon. It may not be as far,, or as long, but I hope it will be fun and safe.

  14. Sounds like you had a great holiday! Happy anniversary!

  15. All good things come to and end, but only so you can start planning the next fun event:)

  16. A very happy Anniversary to you two! Sad the vacation is over though!

  17. That's the thing about holidays. They end sadly but soon, it will be all one long holiday. You are practicing.

  18. I was delighted by one of your pictures, but I'm sure it gave me the wrong impression. It looked like you towed the dog along with the popup! Welcome home...

  19. I really enjoyed your vacation and photos!
    Great header with Tucker smiling at us!
    I recall it quite well that it gets quite warm in those parts! :)
    Good luck back at work!

  20. Swimming is such good exercise for the dogs...and the best part is you don't have to do it with them!! Wish Poppy liked to swim. Tucker is such a beautiful boy.


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