Monday, August 20, 2012

Bart is back!



A sunny warm day in Fort Langley..a perfect summer day…


I arrived with Tucker and 'Bart’ just after lunch.


The jeep was unloaded and all the ‘stuff’ was put away in no time..

Now what are we going to do?


sit in the chair and enjoy the sunshine..


read a book..knit…

take the dog to the water so he can swim..not once but twice..

that pretty much summed up my day..

Bart is working on his tan..or is he holding down the chair until ‘Doug’ gets here?


Tucker is now having a nap….tired from all that swimming and running on the beach…


Just a perfect day in his ‘little world’ if only his Dad would show up..he keeps popping his head up every time he hears a car..IMG_9859 

the campground is pretty empty today but I am sure as the week progresses it will slowly start to fill up…


I went down towards the water tonight just to catch the sun  going behind the was a bit difficult to take the photos and hold Tucker back..

IMG_9861 wet dogs after dinner..don’t think he comprehended that but too bad..


the Jacob Haldi spans the Bedford Chanel between Fort Langley and McMillan Island..


..then I spotted this little bunny..look at the little white cottontail?..isn’t he cute?


Tucker startled the poor thing and  it scampered into the bushes..


..all in all we had a good day….so I will just end this by saying thanks for reading along..

good night everyone..



  1. Nice to see Bart having such a good time.

  2. That holding down a chair can be pretty exhausting stuff for a little feller like that & he looks totally ker-pooped in the last photo.

  3. I think I'd be going wit the "no wet dog" program a lot of the time. Something about a wet dog smell that just about curls up my toes, but that's my own little bit of quirkiness.
    Looks like you're enjoying your camping experience. Have fun!

  4. Good thing Bart came back,I'd hate to see the trouble he'd get into if he was left behind by himself... ;c)

  5. Yours was a very nice, pleasant and relaxing day!

  6. Brae Island is so nice. Too expensive in the summer though. Hope Doug arrives soon. Miss you. See you around the middle of the month. Hey for $20.00 you could come camp with us out in Langley.

  7. Sounds like you had a great day on your own with Tucker and Bart for company.


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