Thursday, August 2, 2012

‘Dawg tired’


Bright and early this morning we left our dear friends standing in their is never easy to say goodbye..especially after we had such a lovely visit..

They are coming to Vancouver in November so we will see them again then..still doesn’t make it easy to leave..

We are all about the quality of friendships that we have not the quantity..and this friendship has a history that goes back to 1979..

Our drive this morning was about 350 kilometers or 220 miles..

We are heading west towards the town of Hedley..

Fullscreen capture 02-Aug-2013

I was not feeling all that well this morning so it took me a while to get the camera out..

Paulsen Summit was the first photo..


and then the town of Christina Lake..2012_08_021

the town of Greenwood was next…voted to have the best tasting water..


..and then the small town of Rock Creek


and then there was our favourite summer time destination..Osoyoos…


..this was where our trip slowly started turning south..

We made a stop at the McDonalds…bathroom break and Mango Pineapple Smoothie..I waited in line and once it was my turn..


I placed my order only to be told that they don’t serve them?..what?..I was told by some young ‘un that they would have to renovate the whole restaurant to be able to serve them??..can you sense some disappointment?.

the next nearest McDonalds is in HOPE..ain’t no HOPE for me for a few more days..onwards..

We climbed Richter Pass..stopped at the lookout..Bart had his moment in the sun..


..and it was time for the Similkameen Valley..


..the town of Cawston and home to Harker’s Fruit Ranch..

2012_08_027-1 was here that we met up with Ron, Doug’s brother..he works across the highway from Harker’s..


Next stop was Riverside visit with our sister-in-law, Karen..


..the new additions…only four months old, her name is Becca..

and also there is Jackson..he wasn’t as accessible for the photos..but just as cute…one day these two may be running at Hasting’s Race Track..

2012_08_029 and tired and hungry  we finally arrived at our destination..only to be told that there were some people still in our site that were being evicted and we would have to wait..the park was full..and the site that we were going into was the worst site in the place..

Needless to say we were none too pleased..we ventured to the RV Park next door in the hopes of getting a better site than what we had..

I had even said ‘let’s just go home’..

When we returned to tell them..they said they could give us a different once again all was right with our ‘tired little world’..


We parked and set up in less than an hour, finally had some lunch and then we took Tucker down to the river for  a swim..


Our golden boy was not so golden..he had a bad case of “A.D.D”..wouldn’t listen..lost his ‘squirrel’ down the needless to say he was in the ‘dawg house’ when we finally got him back to camp..

2012_08_0211 the sun has now set..we will be lighting the fireplace  and enjoy the evening..

Tomorrow is a new day, Carlie is coming  to spend the weekend so we are looking forward to seeing her..


  1. I like those maps that you include in your blog. Sorry about the lack of mango smoothies at that McDonald's. Did they offer any of the other kinds of smoothies--I'm guessing they did not?

  2. Enjoy your weekend with Carlie. We are finally bringing the trailer home on Saturday to get it ready to go!!

  3. I love Osooyos as well, and the S... valley. I had to look up how to pronounce that one when we found it last year on our way to Alaska. So glad you got a good site to settle in with. I can't imagine your sweet pooch being in trouble, he always seems like such a good boy.

  4. Osooyos???? And you though Yachats was hard to pronounce? hahahaha!!! Poor Tucker, he looks so sorry momma, don't be mad. Have fun with your daughter.

  5. I hate it when you get the worst site in the park, and it's full up..Good you finally got it worked out and didn't just "head home"...That is usually uttered in complete and utter disallusion..I know, I've done it ...Have fun this weekend...things are looking up..

  6. Beautiful scenery! Can't wait to get out thataways... Bummer on the smoothie, guess you will have to carry some mango juice and pineapple chunks and a blender?? Ya know, "If Emergency Break Glass" kinda thing? LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Thanks for sharing all the great photos. Glad you're feeling a bit better now. You should be tired, after all that traveling! But, you know you can't get anywhere if you don't go somewhere, right? Tucker looks tuckered! Heading home is never as much fun as heading out on the first leg of a trip, don't you know;) Love the header photo. That orange Jeep sure does look good!

  8. Sorry you couldn't get your mango smoothie. There is a McDonalds just down the road from me, I'll go there, get a mango smoothie and tell you how good it was if that'll help? ;c)

  9. Have a Great holiday weekend with your daughter. Enjoyed today's pictures. Poor Tucker we can all have a little A.D.D once in a while.

  10. Hope you're having a better day today.

  11. So how come they were able to find you a site when you told them to forget it? We've had that happen before and it really made me mad. But we were tired and I just wanted to get set up and go to bed. But having Carlie there must help make up for lots of tiredness. And Tucker just looks so pitiful. Glad he's doing better also.

  12. I love that Okanagan area too!


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