Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holiday Trails recap..

Our Saturday began with the usual coffee and steamed milk..


..the campsite was basked in sunshine..even though there was some ‘dew’ on the chairs..


We went on the token tour of the resort, even Tucker came along in the golf cart for  the ride.

We listened to the ‘speel’..there was no pressure what so ever to purchase the Holiday Trails RV Membership..not for us at this time in our lives..

The cost of the membership and then the obligation to stay at the Holiday Trails campground just to justify the expense made our decision that much easier..

Thanks for the free weekend but no ‘thank you’..

From there we took Tucker for a swim..Cedar Lake is just across the highway..


..someone got very wet…but had a ton of fun..

2012_08_183 stop was the Hope Slide view point..


..once again another spot that we haven’t stopped at in a while..driven by it too many times to count..

Our day of touring not yet complete…Manning Park..


and we stopped at Sumallo Grove..


..a short walk along the bordered on the Sumallo River..which then connects with the Skagit River..


a stroll over the bridge..


..yes I walked over it…



..we went back to camp, had some lunch and then headed to the pool..time for a swim and some sun!!


Tucker stayed behind in the trailer..someone needed to have a nap…


..the winds came up in the afternoon and a some clouds rolled in..but it hasn’t amounted to anything as yet..

we had a lovely ‘long day’ if only the internet would work..geesh!!

Sunday morning  was a bit cloudy..we had breakfast and packed up and headed towards home..


But we had a small detour..our original plan this week was to head to Brae Island Regional Park in Fort Langley on Wednesday and stay through the weekend..

We made a phone call to see if we could get in today and stay for the whole week..

..we were in luck..Salamander 31 is home till Sunday..


We set up the trailer and the screen house, had a light lunch  and headed home just for the night to do laundry and get some groceries organized..

IMG_9852I will be heading back tomorrow ..just me and Tucker..(and Bart, yes Bart..he got left at home on Friday, just in case you were wondering why there were no Bart photos)

Doug has to work this week…so it will be  just me and the dog..some time alone to read, and walk and sleep in or stay up late..

Stay tuned..more to come from Brae Island..that is as long as I can get their new internet system to work..


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun, Sue...both your weekend and your upcoming camping trip. It's kind of fun to camp close enough to home so that you could do laundry and stock up. A week without rain? Do you think it will happen? ;)

  2. We have camped within driving range for the past four to five years so we can stay at camp during the week if we choose and go to work from the campground. I'm glad you are enjoying your time alone and with Tucker and Bart!

  3. Some alone time is good.
    Paul leaves for a week of fishing tomorrow, and I have made a list of 30 things I want to do while he is gone. Things that he can't/won't do with me like shopping for a few new tops.

  4. Busy day you had there but lots of sights to see. That sure is a big tree Doug is holding up! Enjoy your down time with Tucker - looks like a nice spot to relax.

  5. So nice to see the rain held off for your holiday trip!
    May you enjoy your camping week with Tucker!
    BTW did your parents make it safely home to BC?
    I hope they enjoyed the OR coast!

  6. Camping, reading and resting sounds just about close to perfect in my books. Enjoy Brae Island. It's a nice spot with a really nice trail along the river.

  7. Wasn't there also a big mud/landslide in a place called "Frank" as well?
    I didn't know about the one in Hope, and my brother and I drove through there in June of '80. Guess we weren't paying attention.

  8. OK never mind. Frank, is in Alberta. Just looked it up. Or, maybe 'was in Alberta' is more like it.

  9. Our short trip was pretty much a bust...It seemed like Murphy's Law was our law...toilet leaked, window rubber came off, ice maker quit working, and you already know about our internet dish...Enjoy your time camping with Tucker.

  10. Nice to camp close enough to home that you can go back and forth. That is what I am doing around Mesa Verde, I go for one or two nights and drive back in the morning just in time for the start of the work day.

  11. All in all not a bad weekend trip. Your week at Brae Island sounds much more relaxing though. Should be real nice with these cooler temps. Enjoy!

  12. Nice that you could extend the weekend into another week. Poor Doug, though. Funny how that work thing keeps getting in the way of fun.


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