Sunday, August 12, 2012


Are you a ‘free cycler?

What is that you ask?

Well, it is when you have something you don’t want anymore, there is nothing wrong with it so you want to give it away for free..

At our condo, ..the garbage compacter and the recycle bins are located in the parkade. Now there are more than 520 units so that is a ton of garbage and recycling…and even more ‘free-cycling’!!

We have lived here since 2003 and have participated in the ‘free-cycling’ that goes on..

We have dropped things off in the garbage area that we don’t want anymore and I have obtained a few items, much to the dismay of Doug..

someone else’s trash is a treasure to someone else..

Now today we were downstairs loading up the trailer with all the clean linen and a few other items..and Doug noticed a  Breville Cappuccino maker..we already have one that Carlie gave us for Christmas but there was a ‘mate’..exactly the same one..a twin?..why do we need two?

Is it broken?..does it smell? it damaged?

Well, needless to say, I grabbed it and brought it upstairs..


this is our new ‘find’..the big silver knob was jammed and the steam spout was clogged..Doug fixed it..a miracle!! it works!

Here is our other one..


..see they are we have duelling cappuccino makers..

Oh sure I know we are suppose to be ridding ourselves of stuff….but what a find!!

Why do we need two?..well, my dear readers, now we have one that can stay in the trailer..


whoohoo..that means a steamed vanilla milk for me even when we are just away for the weekend..IMG_8846

..that is as long as we are not dry camping???


  1. I'm all for free-cycling; have gotten rid of many a good things that way since moving into the condo last year. Have yet to find anything, though, that we'd want to bring back and use.

  2. We free-cycle whenever possible. We did a ton of it when we sold our house. We have been able to do a little while living in the motorhome.
    Now onto recycling...We had found that more campgrounds out West are set up for recycling than the East. The only thing that the campground we are in now recycles is plastic. I guess they have to start somewhere.

  3. We call that "dumpster diving" here..and I do the same..I think you have a "SCORE"!!!!! Great find!!!

  4. Free-cycling - never heard it called that but we have a lot of that going on in the park. You would be surprised at what campers leave. Chairs, tents, boats, gazebos, mats and even a toilet seat??? Bikes, pool noodles, bras (yes bras??)

  5. Here at the SKP Cop-op in Benson, AZ, we have a rather complete recycling program, plus what we call the Neiman Marcus table in the clubhouse. People leave things there, including clothing, others can pick up stuff. There is a box where you are supposed to leave a reasonable donation which goes to the fun-and-fund-raising group to help pay for entertainment, etc. We have given and gotten there, but in the summer it's kind of dead, as there's hardly anyone around.

  6. Great find. Maybe when you're boondocking you'll have a neighbor with a generator and you can still use it. We'd let you use our generator. Wish I could convince Jim to free cycle some of his stuff (lol).

  7. Your eagle eyes spotted a real find, Sue. Anything you can leave in the trailer saves you loading and unloading it each time. Good job and happy steaming!

  8. I am amazed at how people recycle over here on Vancouver Island. People are so much more into recycling in the places I've stayed and visited in British Columbia than in the places I stayed and visited in the U.S. A nice shift but I have lots of catching up to do to really be good at it. Good find for you with the coffee maker.

  9. That was a really cool find...or should it be a hot find?

  10. There are gems in the trash at times. Good find and a good idea to have the second one for the trailer.

  11. Woo-hoo...that's even better than a garage sale. I like what Jerry said they do at the SKP in Benson. Great idea. Of course if you have some old torn up jeans to recycle, you need to try and sell them on eBay first - they're worth a lot of money lol!!

  12. We do a lot of recycling for charities. They will pick up used clothing, sports equipment, books, etc. They sell them to places like Value Village and the profits go to the charity. I am in the downsizing stage and have given a lot of things away. Still when we put out our garbage there are people that come around (after dark) and take whatever they think they can use or has value. I don't mind at all. Would sooner it go to use than to the landfill.

  13. Free cycling is a good idea...nice find!

  14. Sue, I think that is a very thrifty find!
    You are so lucky that Doug is handy and was able to fix it!
    I think it's always good to recycle stuff instead of sending it to the dump!
    A nice bit of decadence while camping!


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