Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Last Hurrah..


60 vacation days are coming to a close..the month of August is almost done..and September will be upon  us before we know it..


I have always felt like September is the beginning of a new year..more so than January..


Don’t know why but maybe it stems from having a child going to school..not that she has been in regular school since 2003..


This last  full week of my vacation has gone by very quickly…

I had a few things to do..

  • mammogram
  • optometrist visit
  • passport photos
  • passport drop off
  • lunch with my daughter in downtown Vancouver
  • and get ready for our last summer camping trip

It has been a busy week that has gone by very quickly..

IMG_8717 this weekend the forecast is for sunshine and warm temperatures..

We are heading east..192 Manning Park..and the Coldspring Campground..

Fullscreen capture 30-Aug-2012 213447

no cell service, no internet, no flush toilets..yes, we are going to be ‘roughin’ it for our last summer ‘hurrah’..

There will be no checking emails, face book or blog reading or commenting..just us and Mother should be fun..a little escape from the normal routine..


Will there be ‘wild animals’?..bears, deer, birds, squirrels, chipmunks?


..So tomorrow afternoon  as we head out with all the other ‘weekend warriors’..we wish for safe travels, a good campsite and quiet, pleasant weekend..

See you all on Monday..stay tuned for the ‘last hurrah recap’..



  1. Have a great time! Enjoy your break from being connected! :)

  2. Know what you mean about September seeming like a new year, a new beginning. Always a favorite time of year for me. Have yourself a great week-end. Make sure the sticks are dry before you rub them together...

  3. It must be difficult to get out of vacation mode after such a long one and go back to work ... so enjoy the last hurrah!

  4. Will you not take any camping trips during the fall? Fall was my favorite time to camp when I was still working. :)

  5. What a lovely blog. You picked the perfect pictures.
    Enjoy the peace and quiet of your non-techie trip.

  6. Have a terrific time! Safe travels! Enjoy the peace and quiet!!

  7. Enjoy!!
    We'll be at Monck the weekend of the 14,15 and 16...maybe see you then!? ;-)

  8. Enjoy your time "off line". I've never missed not having internet if there's enough to do.

  9. Just make sure you don't have so much fun being off line that you forget to come back!


  10. Enjoy your weekend, so glad you are going to have good weather.

  11. Have a great last hurrah, Sue and Doug!

  12. Enjoy! All the campgrounds around here will be packed this weekend. Once it's over with things will quiet down and the crowds will no longer be around. I like that. Hope you have a great time.

  13. have a great weekend!! Enjoy the disconnect..sometimes we all need it...

  14. Sounds like a beautiful spot to go for the weekend. No outside communication can be wonderful. Safe travels.

  15. Sounds like a pretty nice closing camping trip to the 2012 summer. Manning Park is a fitting place to enjoy Labour Day weekend.


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