Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You’ve got mail?


Do you get mail? know the regular, letters, bills?


Do you have an address book with all your friends/family addresses and phone numbers?


The only kind of mail we receive it seems is either bank statements, junk mail  or a celebratory card..gone are the days of getting ‘mail’ on a regular basis..


All our bills are received ‘on line’..and the payments are made the same way..gone is the task  writing cheques and sending the statement and the payment in the mail..


When Doug and I were dating I use to mail him cards and letters..sure that was a long time ago…


It seems today, kids use text messaging, face book, emails  or blackberry messenger to contact their friends..

Now with all social media   there seems to be no reason to send someone a letter in the mail..


To take the time to put pen to paper is just a lost art..

Is the fine art of nice handwriting gone? handwriting has suffered…


using a dictionary?..not a chance..we don’t even own one..

now there are computer keyboards and spell check…

The only time I use the postal service is to  mail a birthday or anniversary card..or Christmas cards..

Today I spent the morning filling out our passport renewal forms..I started out doing it by hand..then I didn’t like my handwriting so I switched to filling them out on the computer..

canada-passportThen there was the issue of two references…I found my little address book and found one address and phone number I needed..but I needed two..

So I had to ‘face book’ my other friend  and get her address and phone number..

I really think I need to update my ‘address book’…or maybe just send an email?..that seems to be the quicker way to communicate?

Now the big question is? I use the ‘snail mail’ to send off our  passport renewals or should I go to the office in Vancouver and hand deliver them?..

but first we need to get those ‘dreaded passport photos’ done..







  1. Didn't know you needed friends to renew a passport, I hope they will accept Rigg's and Tucker,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Renewed our Passport's just this summer. I seem to recall it was a lengthy process. I think Kelly might have done the paper work on-line. All's I had to do was show up at a local photographer for a photo. It is difficult for me to write something now because my penmanship is slipping from memory due to seldom being used. For many years now I have been in the habit of printing everything instead of writing everything. Very seldom anything in our metal mailbox anymore.

  3. I send "snail mail" birthday cards to some older friends. I know they enjoy opening mail, but to everyone else I send ecards. I can pick out some beautiful cards on line and write a personal note before I send it off. I also think stamps are getting a bit ridiculous in price.

  4. My daughter mentioned to me that the schools are thinking about not teaching cursive anymore. I think that's sad, but a sign of our times I guess.

  5. I love to get mail--when my grandmother was alive she and I exchanged letters on a regular basis. Now I look forward to magazines and such--no one else I know writes letters anymore, kind of sad.

  6. I have trouble holding onto a pen or pencil anymore - hands just don't want to cooperate as well as they used to. So definitely a keyboard for me.

  7. Well now, we have certainly adopted the keyboard and cloud for most of our correspondence, but I firmly believe in grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax, so we have a paper dictionary handy (it's a very low quality tome for sure, but it still works. I also have some handy reference books including one fun one titled "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves." That one is about punctuation. I shudder at the use of today's abbreviations such as UR, LOL, OMG, etc. Language, whether spoken or written, and whether written with quill and ink or with a word processor, conveys meaning, and must be correct. Except I sometimes go goofy and make up stuff and allow typos to slip in. Maybe I should learn to relax, LOL!

  8. Mostly junk mail, and the occasion bill confirmation ... that's about it for us. It should make forwarding our mail to our mail service easier.

    Hand delivery not accepted for US passport renewals except in emergency situations ... so I bit the bullet and mailed mine for renewal recently. The check was cashed, so I can only hope that the renewal is in process now :-))

    1. P.S. Interesting that you need references for your renewal ... but ssshhh! let's not give the US passport office something to consider (LOL!).

  9. I have that same book that Jerry mentioned. Great book. The problem with email is you can't tie them up in a nice little bundle with a ribbon and save them forever. Oh sure, you could print them out, but somehow a computer print out of a personal message is lacking in sentimental value.

  10. One of the things we put in storage were some of the cards we shared with each other over the years. Glad we had the real thing when it comes to memories.

  11. I can hardly write with a pen anymore, lack of practice. I cannot remember the last time I wrote a handwritten letter to anyone. To be honest, I do not miss it and have fully embraced the electron world:)


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