Monday, September 3, 2012

A Bird in the hand..


..never assume that everything will go as planned..sometimes life just throws you a ‘curve ball’ and it up to you if you are going to catch it and run with it or just drop the ball..


..the drive to Manning Park was filled with lots of traffic..per usual on a long weekend..


once we finally got near Hope the traffic had dispersed..

‘Bart’ enjoyed the view..


..recognize this place??..


..this time we were one of those cars whizzing on by..


Our weekend of ‘dry camping’ ..was filled with a few mishaps..


..we arrived and set up in record time..that was until we tried the ‘water system’..

yes, the water tank was full..all 23 gallons and the pump did turn on..but there wasn’t enough pressure to make the water come out of the one point we had hot water coming out of both taps..

..after exhausting all our options..we came to terms with the fact that..’dry camping’ it is..

Doug crawled underneath the trailer and filled the water containers..

IMG_0043 running water for us..or instant hot water either..geesh..

..and this was only the beginning ..

We are camped at 1342 meters..the Allison Pass Summit is just up the road from where we are..


well, we all know that means it will be a tad chilly..single digits in the morning…good thing the furnace works..


after breakfast on Saturday, for us and the birds..



we drove to the Manning Park Lodge to make a call to the 1-800 number for Fraserway Rv, in the hopes that they could give us some insight into our ‘water issue’..

no luck there….oh well..we will deal with this when we get home..

a drive up the mountain to the Cascade Lookout..


..and then another 4 1/2 miles to the Alpine viewpoint..



we took a little walk along the Viewpoint  loop trail..


..Tucker had to share his token moment with ‘Bart’..


..then it was back down the mountain for a swim at Lightning Lake..



..a deer sighting on the side of the road..


then we drove through the Lightning Lake Campground..we came around the corner and saw this silver jeep?..could it be??


..yes it is our old one..what are the chances?..I left a note, saying ..’nice jeep, use to be ours’ and told them where we were staying… and the new owners came by to see us later on that evening..a lovely couple from Aldergrove..


..the Similkameen River(more like a babbling brook) at the base of our campsite..Tucker of course, had to get his paws in there too..

a real campfire..


..and a moon to ‘howl at’..


…Sunday was a relaxing day..


..’please, Dad, can I go swimming again?2012_09_023

..the little trail at the end of the campground..


..and more birds to feed..

why oh why are these birds eating my food??

….a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush??

our first experience with dry camping and our new tent trailer may have had some issues?

  • portable toilet had a bit of an expansion issue with the change in altitude?
  • water pump or lack thereof
  • fridge working overtime..worked more like a freezer than a fridge on propane.
  • we had frozen milk, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, onion, cream cheese.
  • stale buns freshly bought before we left.
  • salt container dumped on the potatoes.
  • cold temperatures and not enough warm clothes.

All in was a ‘great weekend’, off the grid..

a nice campsite on the edge of the ‘river’..quiet and peaceful…will we do it again?..of course..

campsite cost $83

firewood $16

time spent together..priceless

is this the end of Camping 2012..hopefully not..

it is the end of this long post though..thanks for reading along..



  1. Gray Jays love their peanuts!! Nice shots!

    We're hoping not to freeze during our stay at far the temps for Merritt show mid to high 30s...September usually is really nice there!

  2. I leave warm clothes in my trailer all the time. That way, you're always prepared. I even brought extras one year when I was meeting a group of people on the ocean. Boy were they glad to see me when I handed out sweatshirts and Jackets!

    Sounds like the mishaps didn't dampen your fun--that's great. You'll work the kinks out.

    What a coincidence about the Jeep.

  3. Oh those learning lessons. Gives you something to work on when you get home so that the next time out you can have new problems. At least that seems to be how to works for us. Doesn't Tucker realize that water is just too cold for swimming. Bart seems to have it figured out and stays nice and dry.

  4. Even with the problems, it looks like you had beautiful scenery and I'm sure the trailer was better than being in a tent on the ground. Love the pictures with the birds.

  5. Even when things go haywire, you're still positive. I just don't measure up.

  6. Since we camp a lot in the winter, we are used to cold temperatures and having warm clothing makes all the difference, But the other things you had to put up with on this trip would have thrown me for a loop. But I loved those bird pictures, especially when they were eating out of your hand--priceless, indeed!

  7. I'm so glad you were still able to have a good time despite the problems. Loved seeing the birds eating out of your hand. Tucker looks like he can just run across the top of the water! What a boy!!

  8. So, have you checked the valve on your water heater bypass for winterization? Hot water out both taps makes me think your bypass is engaged ;).

  9. I was gonna suggest just what Big Matt said in the comment before mine.

    How did you coax that bird to land on your hand to eat? Amazing!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful camping trip--- mishaps and all!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. What an adventure, clearly you were REALLY camping, none of this "RV" stuff! :) I hope Fraser RV has a few solutions for you.
    Beautiful area to stay and relax!


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