Tuesday, September 4, 2012

all good things..


well, all good things must come to an end..


done are the days of

  • sleeping in
  • doing what I want
  • cleaning at my leisure
  • cooking
  • camping
  • travelling
  • knitting
  • computer time
  • doing errands
  • sightseeing


and most of all spending time with my lovely husband and my ‘boys’..


Where oh where did the last 60 days go?

It seemed like only last week, that summer was stretched out before me..lots of time to enjoy the life known as ‘vacation’..


..today was the last day..my ‘pity party’..well,not really..the reality of heading back to work has sunk in..


  • lunch is made
  • bus money is ready
  • uniform is out
  • alarm is set


..gone are the days of leisure, back to getting up early and heading off to that place called work..


one day it will be my last day..just not yet..so until then I will savour all the memories of our summer vacation 2012..


time to plan for 2013..where will we go??


where ever the road takes us?..


  1. Sounds like the title of the blog should be...BACK TO REALITY.
    You posted some lovely photos. My favorite...#2.

  2. A thoughtful post Sue. Sometimes its things such as “work” that remind us of how blessed we are. Thanks for including all of us in your summertime travels!

    John and Ellen

  3. Great that you had such a wonderful travelin vacation, tis true that back to work usually means stress. God Bless you and give you all the strength and whatever else you need ... think I will find myself looking forward to your next (2013) vacation blogging as yourself.
    Be sure to bring BART along :) always loved seeing his experience in pics.

  4. Reminiscences of past vacations and dreams of what to do next will get you through the work days.

  5. Memories are what help us survive reality. And someday in the not too far distant future, it will be your time for it to be "your" time.

  6. Enjoy the summer memories! I really like being retired, but I also always enjoyed going to work.

  7. That was a good stretch. And now you can look back on all the nice pictures you took over the summer. Enjoy your time back at work. It'll go by fast, you'll see.

  8. It is just one more step closer to your dream of life on the road. Call it fulltimers in training. :c)

  9. I just did the opposite, yesterday was the last day of my work contract, so now it's 6 months of downtime before back to work, 2 months of which will be spent on the road. :)

  10. you had a wonderful travelin vacation. And I feel your pain about the work.

  11. Hope to see you at home and on the road - somewhere, sometime.

  12. Start planning your next camping trip,no matter when...Half the fun of going is in the planning stages, I say.

  13. That having to go back to work after a vacation is always the pits. Only way around that is to eliminate the work problem.......

  14. Hard to go back but what a fun summer it was. One more day and another weekend will be upon you.

  15. We hope to take longer than a week someday! Looks like you had a lot of fun and took great pictures!

    Time flies by so fast when camping, our next trip will have to be two weeks at least!

    Have a safe trip home!



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