Thursday, September 13, 2012



The middle of  the month  of September is fast approaching and I have been back to work for a few days now and the word ‘balance’ comes to mind.

…The alarm wakens us before the sun is even up..and the day begins..

Work fills most of the day and then there is the other ‘stuff’..that we try to balance out..


The ‘teeter-totter’ of our life..some days we are on the upside and other days we are on the down side, hitting our butts on the ground..


..some days it feels like there isn’t enough time to do all that we want to do..

Commuting and working take up the better part of the 24 hour period..and then there is all the other things that need to be done..

I know I don’t dare  say I need a ‘vacation’..I just had 60 days off..but I do miss those long days of having all the time in the world..

My ‘teeter totter’ was balanced..and I was happy to putter along through my day..

Oh, sure I know I have to work..but at the moment I feel like my ‘balance’ is out of whack.. what does one do when they feel that their equilibrium is off kilter..well..they make plans to do something that makes us happy..

..take a few extra days off..and load up and head out on the open road..

A little camping trip this weekend will ‘balance’ things out’..

..oh how I wish I was like Tucker..only having to worry about ‘balancing a cookie on my nose’..


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein



  1. You're up late!
    I have to say, I was pretty fortunate throughout the last 20 or so years of my working life. Always managed to work within 10 minutes of our front door. For a while there, that was even by bike if I chose.
    Enjoy your getaway this weekend. Hope the weather cooperates.

  2. I think Einstein was onto something there & I agree with him wholeheartedley. Understand that feeling of balance & know how difficult that balance can become as we age & priorities change. We reached a point years ago where we had enough of the working world. Fortunately for us, an opportunity presented itself & we decided to tip the balance in favor of less work & more travel. And, no regrets over that decision. Our balance may not be perfect yet but it is a whole lot better than it used to be when we were both stuck full time in the working world. Hang in there, keep your dream alive & gear your decisions towards a positive fun filled traveling future:))

  3. It does feel good to have balance in my life also. I love the adventures of full-timing but always nice to settle in for a spill and just reflect.

  4. You've got a great idea there, Sue. Get out somewhere and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  5. I think you're finding a wonderful way to add that balance into your life. And remember, even Tucker needs that swim in order to give him balance.

  6. Balancing everything we need to do and want to do is something we all deal with whether we're in work mode or play mode. It's a tough job.

  7. After decades of seeking balance, I finally came to accept that true balance is something that is rarely, if ever, achieved. Rather, we humans find ourselves moving toward balance or away from it. And, moving toward it feels so much better!

    Looks like you're moving "toward"! Keep it up!

  8. While we were still working, weekends away in our RV restored our balance...and sanity. That's where we came up with the name "R SANITY" to put on our license plate. It truly was.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. It's hard to achieve that perfect balance in life, but a camping trip always helps!

  10. I think Albert had it correct:) If I had to balance my food on my nose before I could eat, I would be a lot thinner:)

  11. Whoa! Nice weekend for a camping getaway. It's good that you can take advantage and enjoy the great outdoors in really fine weather.

  12. Enjoy your trip. Sure a beautiful September to enjoy. Cute picture of Tucker with the Cookie. Safe Travels.

  13. Balance seems to be a bit of a problem here too...Family obligations are really foremost in our lives right now...Not sure if we will even get away this Winter...Oh well, I haven't seen a good foot of snow in a couple years....

  14. Hope your camping trip restores your balance. Tucker sure looks like he has good balance!!

  15. Maybe it was the 60 days off, then you get back into the "swing of things" with work. It makes you think: I really want those endless moments of doing what ever I want to do VS all of the things I now HAVE to do.
    Funny, I have those feelings too! 9 more days left of "volunteering" (after 8 months this year) and we'll be free! Yippee!
    Good boy, Tucker, you have the Life of Riley!
    I hope you got away this weekend to revive, Sue!!!


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