Sunday, October 7, 2012

21 days..

Where has the time gone? last post was on September 16th, three weeks ago..

How did that happen?..what have we been doing?

Not too much, just the usual work stuff..hardly blog worthy..

Yesterday we went to the Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley..

No pictures were taken…it was a mass of people..we walked around as best we could..bought some cranberries and we left..enough of that..

onward to this morning..

Today was the first day that I actually used the camera since last month..

We loaded up a picnic lunch and headed east towards the town of Hope..filled up with gas..and then we headed south to Ross Lake..


60 kilometers of gravel road..


some of the leaves were showing signs of a new season..autumn is on the way..

then there was a bear..he crossed the road right in front of us..moved to quick to take a photo!!..but it was real!!…no ‘Bart’ on this trip!!


..we stopped at Silver Lake Campground and Silver Tip Campground..both had empty sites..geesh!..we should have come camping this weekend!!


..Ross Lake only had a few occupied sites..the rest were..yes, you guessed it!..empty!!


IMG_0172 peaceful and quiet..this is the American side of Ross Lake..


..the clear cut line down the mountain is the border between Canada and the USA..


..there is no access to the USA from here..the American visitors need to access Ross Lake via the  border at the Sumas crossing..

IMG_0175 was quiet  until ‘someone’ hit the water..



..we enjoyed our picnic lunch..occupying one of the many empty campsites..

Tucker made two new friends..Rosie and Buddy!..two seven  year old golden retrievers..they moved pretty quickly so I wasn’t able to capture a photo of the three of them…


..the weather was picture perfect..sunny and warm yet again…

after our lunch and enjoying the views..we head towards home..

stopping at this bridge..


Doug and Carlie ventured across..Me?..I waited in the jeep..not a big fan of ‘swinging bridges’..

2012_10_071 was a lovely that got me back into the ‘swing of blogging’ again..


..and so ends our Thanksgiving Day..we hope that everyone had a great day filled with good food and family!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sue and Doug. Glad to see that you enjoyed a nice outing today!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. It is difficult to blog when all you're doing is living your normal life. Believe me I know. But you sure made up for it with some great pictures and a wonderful day.

  3. I have always loved day trips like that. Get out of town, travel through beautiful country scenery & let Mother Naure totally envelop one in her relaxing & peaceful arms. It's the best therapy there is....

  4. Nice to "see" you back again. I haven't been in a blogging mood lately. Haven't been reading them or writing. You had some pretty photos on this post. Looks like autumn is arriving. Here in Florida I can rarely remember what season it is.

  5. Nice header photo.
    Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving.
    I am with you Sue. No swinging bridges for me...unless I have no choice that is.

  6. What a great way to spend a holiday weekend!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving...You had a great weekend with great weather...Ross Lake?..Ross is my maiden name...didn't know we owned a lake..

  8. What a nice day trip. A picnic lunch at a great mountain getaway is just up our alley. The gravel road takes our urge away from going there - especially on a cruiser style motorcycle.

  9. You guys have certainly been having some awesome weather there...we've been spoiled as well but there is now the "white stuff" in the forecast for Wednesday....that's ok, I like it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. Glad the camera still worked:) Spending a holiday in quiet surroundings is the way to go.

  11. Me neither! I love scary rides but not suspension bridges.

    You guys know the neatest places close in. We must discuss sometime.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! From the sounds of it, you found a great way to spend it.

  13. Yes, you know where all the neat spots are!

  14. Great way to spend a Thanksgiving Day. Loved the picture of Carlie on the bridge. If you had gone too, who would be left to take the pictures? I know it was a sacrifice for you to stay off the bridge but somebody had to do it (wink, wink)!!

  15. Very lovely day. You have to enjoy every one you get because that white stuff that coats the ground is right around the corner. :c(

  16. Hi Sue, good to hear you had a beautiful Fall Thanksgiving Weekend!
    All of that beauty just to yourselves!
    I could almost hear the splash of Tucker jumping into the water. lol


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