Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bully for you?


What is a ‘bully?’

Bullying is the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others.

The behaviour can be habitual and involve an imbalance of social or physical power  over each other.

This includes school, church or other religious groups, family, the workplace, home, and neighbourhoods.

The effects of ‘bullying’ can begin in the playground or at school, even at the age of a child in kindergarten.

Now there is ‘cyber bullying’, which can be an even worse situation with the social media such as Facebook and twitter.

To be a victim of such ‘bullying behaviour’ can be devastating to a child’s self esteem. Gone are the days of ‘meeting in the playground after school’ to solve an issue.

Now it’s the nasty messages on Facebook or texting..there seems to be no social conscience for this kind of behaviour..the reactions are not visibly seen so the ‘bully behaviour continues..

That is until the ‘target’ can’t take it any more..

Even as an adult we encounter that same ‘bullying behaviour’ it a boss or a co-worker who is the ‘bully’..

Even an aggressive driver with ‘road rage’ could be deemed a ‘bully’..

why do we have to endure verbal abuse, or be humiliated by a fellow worker?

The longer you endure it the more power you give to the ‘bully’..

Today on our local news we were told that a young girl committed suicide because of ‘cyber-bullying’ sad that such a young life is taken because of this ‘behaviour’..

Time for kids, parents and adults to be held accountable..







  1. Eleanor Roosevelt: Nobody can intimidate you if you don'let it happen to you.

    I was a victim myself for years in school. Even the teachers did it to me. That was 50 years prior to facebook.

  2. I heard the same thing on the news this morning. People who cyber bully are no more than cowards to me. Weak people use the Internet to say and do anything.
    I feel just terrible for that poor girl's family. I pray that God will given the strength and peace.

  3. Young kids have always been, and always will be very impressionable. This is where parenting comes in, but that's a whole other subject.
    Until you've experienced "In your face with the threat of physical violence" type of bullying, I'm not entirely convinced that anything "on line" is much more than a bunch of mean words. Remember "sticks and stones"?
    There's that big X up there in the corner of the screen, and if someone ends their life because of what is now considered "bullying" (on line??), there is surely something else at play.
    And yes, putting something on line that can't be backed up with action is definitely the act of a coward, but just the same, I'm beginning to think we're raising a generation of wimps if a few strokes of a keyboard is going to put you into a tailspin. It's an electronic device, shut it off!
    I know that's not very "politically correct". Too bad.

    I remember a story of my oldest brother coming home after an altercation with the young lad from down the road. He was being picked on. Dad basically told him to go fight his own battles, and that he'd better sort out that guy, or he'd get "sorted out" by his old man, and right quick.
    So he went back. They had a little "set to", and actually became fast friends after that. I'm not entirely sure if the other guy would be considered a bully or not, but it's usually best to stand up to one whenever you get the chance. And I'm sure that guy would have turned into a right fine bully, if he'd been allowed to get away with it. My brother put a stop to that.
    I know I sure had to stand up to couple of them when I was about the same age. And I knew by that stage of the game, there was no point going home to Dad.

  4. My son was a victim of bullying. I'm just so grateful we were able to get him through those teen years without him taking his life. He dropped out of high school to get away from it (he even got it from a counselor at school). I don't think I handled it correctly as a parent and I have lots of regrets but at least he's alive for me to apologize to. How very very sad that children (and adults) can't find another answer.

  5. Matt was bullied through grades 6 to 10 and it was a horrible time...I won't go into the story but will say I am so grateful Matt did not take his life and that I had great support from the teachers and principles

  6. The case you are talking about is so sad. Pretty little girl.

    Yes, we sympathize but there are a lot of questions yet. Where were her parents? She posted that video on You Tube two weeks ago.
    Be observant parents.

  7. There is one guy who probably still has a sore nose after he tried to bully me.

    He never did it again.

  8. I look forward to the day when bullying is punishable by law. Zero tolerance is the norm we need to adopt now!

  9. Sue that's well stated and something more people should be mindful of. By the way, just love your header collage with Tucker enjoying his favorite things...swimming and smiling!

  10. One of our grandkids was bullyed...I say, tell the parents asap...They need to talk with their children..Unfortunately, sometimes these bully kids learn it from their parents...sheesh!


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