Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost my blogging“mojo?”


What does it mean when you have lost your  blogging ‘mojo’?

My enthusiasm for blogging seems to have gone by the way side these past couple of months..

Not that I have ever been a daily blogger, like some bloggers out there in blog-ville who seem to be able to create something that is worthy of reading every single day.

I wish I could be that creative and have that much to say?

Our lives, now that camping season has come to  an abrupt halt seems to be just filled with the daily mundane stuff..

Do I miss blogging? Of course I do but I think what I miss more is the ‘doing something’ that is what I deem to be blog-worthy..

What do I  really miss?

The planning of a trip..and perusing the an integral  part..IMG_8765

The sense of adventure when we hook up the tent trailer and head out on the open road..



a new view out the windshield..


or a new vantage point to capture a picture of..


or a campsite on the river’s edge in the state of Montana..


..or a lake for our ‘golden boy’ to  make splash in..


..I even have missed those daily ‘ mugs of vanilla steamed milk’..


..and the adventures of 'Bart’


..the meeting of ‘new friends’..


and old and dear friends, too…



..will my lost ‘mojo’ come back? can only  hope that this phase will pass and we can resume our ‘regular programming’

How many more months till Summer Vacation?


  1. I am with you Sue. When we aren't actually sightseeing, I am not in the blogging mood nor do I think anyone wants to just read about our daily activities. I do read a couple of bloggers that aren't traveling right now, but they always seem to come up with the greatest posts. I just can't do that.
    You will get your "mojo" back and when you do...look out bloggerville!

  2. I think that Bob and I, Brenda and Ken along with you and Doug, need a reunion of sorts...but then the six of us together again could make for an x-rated blog..LOL Ah to be young again.

    I have not blogged in quite some time either...being buried in snow leaves for little activity of the feathered friends kind. I think the mojo will find it's way back to both of us and there will be no stopping! ;-)

  3. I think it is all so very personal, this blogging thing. I know we have our extended group of RV bloggers, kind of like family, but when you slip out into a wider blog world there is ever more "stuff" out there to find and read and then overload can come on fast. Now I find what catches me are the "writers", the ones with a sense of humor, or the ones that seem to make it somehow more personal. I have also discovered when reading a lot of blogs that it is harder to feel that you have anything to say at all. That is when I just remember that I am blogging for myself, to remember what I want to remember in a place where I can find it later on. So that is why the blogging when you are home thing is kind of nice, you can remember that as well. Anyway...I loved your photos today, Sue, and your thoughts I am sure are mirrored by all of us at one time or another.

  4. Sue, you have 'mo "mojo" than most folks. No matter if you're traveling or not, I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos. You've always got something to say, and you've always got some good photos to share. That's what I you're still on my "short list". Now, go ahead and let it snow. I enjoy reading about it in other people's backyards...just keep it out of mine! If nothing else, Tucker is always "blog worthy" material. Just ask him, he will tell you, for sure!

  5. Yep, some days there's something you want to remember, and some days there isn't. That's life. I always find your posts interesting.

  6. Sue, I so agree with you. If Jim wasn't having surgery, I wouldn't have a thing to blog about. I can't make a blog of my daily nothingness. Just can't do it. You have the ability to put words together and they are fun to read. I can't even do that. Can you tell I'm feeling a total loss of blogging mojo also. Hang in there. I've done this before and it does pass eventually.

  7. NEVER feel pressured to blog...If you do,that's when it ceases to be fun...As you may have noticed, I blog very sporatically...and that's fine with me...I have too much else on my plate..and blogging is just a sideline to my life...So don't worry, Sue...You are NOT alone...Do it only when the "spirit moves you"...

  8. "Wise words are more valuable than much gold and many rubies." A Proverb for the New Living Translation of the Bible...

    This is what I think of when I think of you, Sue. You are a rare gem filled with wise words. All the more precious for their rarity. I always appreciate your posts but never think badly of you when you don't write. Follow your heart and the mojo will be there when you need it.

  9. That should be "from" not "for"...sorry!!

  10. I think a number of us have the blog ho hums at times. Certainly since we have quit full timing, I have wondered if it is not time to abandon the whole blog thing.

    We just have to find new inspiration:)

  11. Oh my goodness, I hope you get your mojo back cause we just found you. We took some time and looked over past posts and love what we saw. And oh my Tucker is so good looking. We are golden fans too and Bert is just a couple of months older than Tucker.
    Hoep winter passes fast for you so you can get back on the road.
    Berts My vickie

  12. I hear you, Sue. I suffer from the same lack of blogging mojo. A trip usually gets me going again, but trips are sparse this time of the year.

  13. I think we have to find the right cadence for posting to fit our own situations and personalities. I marvel at daily posters like Al Bossence, who can make an interesting story of observing an ant hill. While you and I could probably put the words together to do the same thing (certainly YOU could!), there are a couple of things in our way: 1) We are not retired and 2) I, for one, am a bit more of a private person. I would be uncomfortable putting every detail of my life out there on a daily basis. I'm not sure why, however; perhaps I fear it would be incredibly boring! Commenters Dennis and Donna have got it right: Post when you feel like it, or it may cease to be fun. Don't worry; we will gladly wait for you to be inspired...just don't stop!

  14. It's not a "job". (Gah, what a nasty word) Write for yourself, if that's what makes you tick.
    Sometimes I'm tempted to report on the doings of others, but that gets tricky, since then I'm creeping into dangerous territory.
    Even when it's daily blather (and I think I've got that gig pretty much wrapped up) being able to go back and check on what happened/when can come in handy.
    Your mileage may differ.

  15. I understand how you feel Sue. If I have myself in the right frame of mind, blogging comes easy & the words flow. But, if I am the least bit down on myself, the blog can be a struggle for me to put together. Traveling does make blogging easier & especially if one is constantly on the move. In that case, it is the natural excitement & constantly changing events that drives the blog each day. Sitting in one spot with days blurring together is difficult. I have a hard time every summer when we are forced to sit at home for months. I am feeling a bit of that now as we work on our Congress house & have not been out traveling about the countryside. So yes, I do understand your situation & your frustration Sue. I don't have any great pearls of wisdom for you except to say, whenever the spirit moves you, just pull yourself up the keyboard & let it out............:))

  16. I definitely understand what you're talking about. Sometimes I feel the daily blogs are boring. It's just day to day life no matter where you are. I try to think of things to do that I can also blog about. That probably does more to keep us going and doing things than anything else. Soon ... soon ... soon you'll have another trip and another exciting something to write about.

  17. Blogging is always easier when there are new adventures that we're excited to share. Take advantage of the down time to enjoy other hobbies ... they might generate blog-worthy topics for you :-)

  18. I know how you feel . . . it's so much easier to blog when you are "doing" something -- especially if it's interesting. I enjoy your posts, regardless of topic . . . and love those pictures of Tucker!

  19. It's quite likely this time of the season when the weather bogs us down and activities dissipate that makes writing a blog more taxing.

  20. Don't worry, you'll get your mojo back. I've gone through the same thing and sometimes only the e-mails I get asking if I'm okay bring me back. Then once I'm back, it's easier to "notice" the things that I would have easily seen before.

    I have to say, though, that I'm not trying to post every day. I used to try, then felt guilty when I didn't make it. Now I just post when I want. You - for sure! - can do the same thing. You're always on our blog rolls, and will pop up whenever you post. :)

    I just LOVE the photo of the lunge into the water. Water dogs are so cool - I've never had a dog that loved water.

  21. I guess you didn't read the fine print in the blogging requirement to blog every day.

    Whenever you feel like blogging, that's fine, your posts are always worth waiting for. :c)

  22. Hey Susan! You will never lose your blogging mojo! you are just on a break... maybe you can blog our visit!

  23. Oh, honey! I've met my blogging mojo coming and going! Don't worry about it. Just blog when the spirit moves you. And, we'll all be here ready to read! Cheers!

  24. I know the feeling of the 'blogging blues'. But with 20+ comments hopefully that will give you a shot in the arm so-to-speak.

  25. I always find your posts interesting. Like you, we are not always traveling so the day to day things don't seem so interesting to write about. But it seems you always find something interesting no matter what subject you choose. Your blog sometimes inspires me with my writing, like when you take a word and do a whole blog on it. Don't worry about blogging every day. Your blogs are well worth waiting for.


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