Wednesday, December 12, 2012



December 12, 2012 or 12/12/12, however you look at the date it is an auspicious day. It will be an easy one to remember if it is your anniversary or birthday?

There is no term for when the month, day and year are all the same number. This won’t happen again until January 1, 2101, 89 years from today.

12 facts to celebrate this century’s sequential date:

  • Couples from Hong Kong and Singapore are flocking to tie the knot as 12/12/12 is seen by some to guarantee a happy marriage. Agence France-Presse reports that in Hong Kong, four times as many couples are heading to the altar on Dec. 12, compared with last year. In Singapore, the number of marriages will multiply eight-fold.
  • A Brampton, Ont., couple are set to wed at a sunset ceremony in Aruba on Dec. 12, 2012, according to The Canadian Press. Krisztina Sebesi, 34, and Rex Lu, 26, will celebrate with a 12-course meal and a cake featuring 12 starfish.
  • Dec. 12 will be a momentous birthday for Kiam Moriya of Alabama, who was born on that date in New York in 2000, at 12:12 p.m., according to He’ll be celebrating with Krispy Kreme donuts in the shape of the number 12.
  • A south-western Michigan casino is also betting that 12-12-12 is going to be a lucky day for opening its new hotel. A ribbon-cutting is planned for 12:12 p.m. Wednesday for the 242-room hotel at Fire Keepers Casino near Battle Creek.
  • While choosing special dates for caesarean sections is common, The Hindu newspaper reports 12/12/12 is not popular in India as it falls the day before Amavasya or a new moon, a day usually avoided for planned births.
  • One of the largest events in music history will be held on Dec. 12, 2012. The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, The Who and Paul McCartney will perform at the Hurricane Sandy relief concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Organizers expect two billion people will watch through TV, radio and online streaming.
  • According to Chinese numerology, one is a yang number ruled by the sun and represents independence and individualism. Two is a yin number ruled by the moon and represents symmetry and balance. Combined, the number 12 brings harmony to the yin and the yang.
  • Mathematicians love 12 for its inherent divisibility. It is one of the few smaller numbers that can be evenly divided into multiple subsets: halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and twelfths.
  • Because 12 can be so easily divided, it’s commonly used in measurements. There are 12 inches in a foot, 12 ounces in a troy pound (used to measure gold, silver and gems), and 12 in a dozen.
  • The number 12 has found its way into religion (12 apostles), mythology (12 Olympian gods) and astrology (12 signs of the zodiac).
  • Twelve often represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. December is the 12th month of the year; every 12 hours day turns to night or night to day.
  • There are also 12 pairs of ribs in most humans, 12 face cards in a deck, and 12 people have walked on the moon.

To celebrate this day? We could

  • sing the 12 days of Christmas??
  • Eat 12  chocolates
  • Eat 12 eggs
  • stay awake for 12 hours
  • mail 12 Christmas cards
  • pretend we are 12, again
  • complete 12 crosswords
  • smile at 12 people
  • walk around the block 12 times
  • work for 12 hours
  • send 12 emails
  • read 12 blogs

Now what are you going to do to celebrate this 12/12/12?


  1. We're going to celebrate by moving out of this driveway!! :)

  2. Beautiful header photo! I'm not working for 12 hours, I might read 12 blogs this morning, depends on who is up and has written one! :)

  3. Great header photo.

    I am celebrating by flying back to Ohio for the holidays.

  4. Pretending to be 12 again sounds good to me. :)

  5. Mailing off my 4 X 12 Christmas Cards, hoping all of the labels and stamps stay on! (No thanks to the OR moisture this summer! LOL)

  6. Well, we are going to be spending probably 12 hours getting our motorhome ready to travel again. We've only been out two weeks this year, and now we have one more week!

  7. I'm going to spen d the day getting ready for the end of the world on 12/21/12. Thanks to those Mayans...

  8. I didn't realize it was 12/12/12 - unless I write a check or need the date for some reason, I don't usually wake up knowing the date. Lots of interesting info here about 12s. I plan to spend 12 hours doing exactly what I want, but I wish there was something momentous I needed to do so it would be easier to remember. :)

  9. I'm planning to get a haircut. Have to look good for the impending 'end of the world'!

  10. Chocolate? Did you say 12 pieces of chocolate? Only in my dreams--LOL. Happy 12/12/12, Sue!

  11. Let's see ... there are twelve bites of a peanut butter, banana, peanuts tortilla wrap on the plate sitting next to me ... I think I'll eat them to celebrate the date.

  12. Enjoyed the post, never realized the significance of twelve. Have a great Wednesday.

  13. I'm going to spend the day finishing up my Christmas's also my sister-in-law's parent's 50th anniversary today which I think is rather cool. ;)

  14. Great Blog. I love your new header as well. So pretty and bright. I think I'll act like I'm 12 again and try to smile at 12 people. Both will make me happier. Enjoy your 12/12/12 day.

  15. I baked a lemon meringue pie BUT I will not be cutting it into 12 pieces.
    That's for sure.

  16. I hope all those couples getting married on 12-12-12 don't plan on having 12 children!! Great blog - enjoyed reading it.

  17. Eat Birthday cake. Craig is 68 today.


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