Sunday, December 16, 2012

one more list?


Making a list and checking it twice..going to find out who’s naughty or nice?

This time of year a list is the only way to remember everything that needs to be done..

I write one list before we head out to purchase the items and once we get home, another list is written for the next time..

I have written and re-written this list so many is getting shorter…will this be the last one?

What is on the list?

The dinner menu, the grocery list, the few items left to do to prepare for Christmas dinner..and the last minute gifts I have yet to purchase.


..also on my ‘to do’ list today, this rainy Sunday was to finish the wrapping..oh sure I know some would say why bother, they just get ripped open anyway..but I like them to start out looking pretty..


I purchased this reversible wrapping paper from Costco, snowmen on one side and snowballs on the other....a big ‘fat’ roll that will probably be seen again next year..


..I use the left over Christmas balls instead of a bow..


..this year I even had a little helper..can you see him?


..guarding the presents, just in case ‘someone’ comes home early..

IMG_0225 pretty blue eyed boy..who has a paper and ribbon fetish..


….’you have to do all these, Momma?..oh boy that is going to take a while..I think I am going to take a eyes are getting heavy..


..I will just curl up here and rest for a bit..


..maybe Tucker can ‘help’?..’


..sorry Mom, I am busy, waiting for Dad to get home, so I can go to the park’.

IMG_0232 many more?

IMG_0237 forward two hours later..and voila..all done..a sea of red and white..

Thanks for the ‘help’ boys, I couldn’t have done it without you!

..then it was time to do the last minute Christmas Cards…


..the presents were sent over to Carlie’s spare room..away from prying eyes and ‘paws’..

..just a few of her ornaments..


 ..and her quilted stocking..ready and waiting to be filled?


..only have to wait just a bit longer..

I sure will be a ‘happy camper’ in about 8 days..


…now what else can I cross off my list?


  1. Clearly, I am way behind the power curve on getting ready for Christmas:(

  2. Wow,,what a beautiful tree!! looks like you had fun doing all that wraping...It would be work for me and they wouldn't look near so good....
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Great pictures...Tucker looks tired!

  4. I love seeing other folkds preparing for Christmas, I see your four leggers are as much help as mine are.

    Bert's My Vickie

  5. I almost bought that very same paper! I got red and green plaid instead. It's so much easier to wrap everything in the same paper.

  6. What a delightful post...happy happy!! Oliver and Tucker looked like they were lots of help - NOT!! But your packages are beautiful and I'm sure will bring much joy to the recipients.

  7. Wow ... you sure have a bunch of packages there ... and all so cheerily wrapped up for Christmas.

  8. All these lists and preparations mean planning! Sandy would love it; I need my inhaler...

  9. I need to make lists too. I sure can't wrap as nice as you did, those packages look so pretty. Your cat is beautiful and looked like he was a big help. Now Tucker, not so sure about his help? :)

  10. You sound like me. I make a list for the list too. I come home pick, revise, and go back out again. I just hope by the 25th I have everything I need.

    Those kids look so comfortable and cozy.

  11. I used to write lists but I'd lose them before I got to the store. So I started writing the lists on my computer, but them I got funny looks from people as I carried my PC up and down the store's isles.

  12. I make a dozen lists, Sue..and then forget where I put them..I know darn well I bought some red and green M&M's but cannot for the life of me remember where I put them!! You take waaaay more time with your wrapping...My gifts look very similar to the ones our 4 year old grandson wraps himself...except HIS are much neater!!

  13. I would guess that you are ready for the festivities now!

  14. Presents look too pretty to tear into after all of that hard work!
    I write lists to, then forget them on the kitchen counter! lol
    Then it's a sense of trying to fight senility and see how many I can remember!
    Just a few more days left!

  15. Boy would I love to visit your house! It looks so festive. So different than Christmas on the road in a RV. I guess more space is good for some things! Smiles.

    I've missed hearing about your lives as I've been away from the blogs doing other stuff. And I wish that we could get together when we are back up there on Vancouver Island. My immigration process is almost complete. I'll be a permanent resident soon!

    Love those lists. I always have my own going. You two have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  16. Love you kitty pictures,,,,,,and of course the pup too, but I'm partial to kittys...:-)
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my Blog. You all are what make it worth while!! Enjoy a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Mike and Pat


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