Sunday, December 30, 2012


Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression that commonly occurs in humans, especially in the winter months when we spend less time outdoors, have minimal access to bright, sunny days, and have fewer hours of daylight each day.

While the disorder commonly causes depression-like symptoms in humans, evidence suggests that dogs, too, are affected by the lack of sunlight this time of year.

The dark, gloomy days and longer, colder nights of winter can cause dogs to develop Seasonal Affective Disorder, just like humans.

In dogs, symptoms include lethargy, neediness, behavioural changes such as aggression and inappropriate pottying, and a general feeling of “blah.” In extreme or extended cases, even hair loss can occur.

Does Tucker suffer from S.A.D? I don’t think so since he is so happy all the time, no matter what the weather.

But Doug and I on the other hand, I would say we do have a mild case of it..but today there was a ‘flaming orb’ in the sky! Something we haven’t seen in a while, especially on a Sunday in the winter!

The sky was blue, the temperature, not exactly balmy but we bundled up and headed to Pitt Meadows and went for a walk along dyke.


It was foggy when we got there but it looked like there was some  hope of it burning off..



Tucker, of course, could care less..


he is just happy to be chasing his ball and free of a leash!IMG_0316IMG_0315

..there’s water, Dad..can I can I?

IMG_0321 can only imagine how cold the water is?


..and the one ‘airborne shot’..


..a few bird sightings, including two swans..


..yet another swimming hole..


IMG_0327 was here, that we turned around and headed back towards the jeep..the fog was slowly dissipating..



..and the reflections became more visible…IMG_0334

..a nice ending to a lovely quiet weekend, giving us time to ‘pause and reflect’ as this year is almost done..IMG_0333


  1. Beautiful photos. It was a nice Sunday and it's good that you took advantage and got out and about.

    You simply cannot tucker that Tucker out! Great dog pix too.

  2. What a cool Happy New Year header photo. Great job.

    Looks like another wonderful day!

  3. Oh, look at that sunshine! And what a happy doggie. I must admit, I have had much less trouble with SAD since I moved to a more southern latitude. In Coeur d Alene, we not only were pretty far north but were also on the far eastern edge of the time zone. From November 2 to February 2 it was dark when I got off work and dark when I went to work. Of course, retirement makes a big difference as well. You can get sunshine during the day if it shows up at all. Soon, Sue, Someday Soon, retirement will come for you as well.

  4. That's where it went, our sun. Missing from Arizona.

    Lovely pictures Sue!

  5. Wishing you and your family a Safe, Joyous and Prosperous New Year.

    It's about time.

  6. Beautiful photos in the sunshine, but the ones in the mist captured my imagination.

  7. Toni is correct - you stole our sun. When we lived in Kalispell I really had a tough time in the winters with all the darkness and cloud cover. Tucker is such a trip. It's raining here and there is absolutely no way on the face of this earth that our girls are going to go out and get wet. Amazing how long they can hold it.

  8. Send the sun back!! Looks like you had a beautiful day and took beautiful pictures to boot! Love your Tucker.

  9. we have a dear cousin (more like a sister to us tho) back home who suffers drastically from SAD...this is her 5th year with it..she uses the 'lights' the meds the doctors prescribe..gets out daily and walks...but nothing seems to help :( she just got out of the hospital again a couple of weeks ago...such a dear person and such a yearly struggle for her..starts in the fall and carries on thru to the spring / summer months...
    Love that tucker boy!!! so handsome..happy new year and all the very best in 2013

  10. Hey, where is all the snow? Don't you live in the frigid Great White North?

    Of course, it makes for lots of Tucker fun!

  11. Beautiful pictures and I love the color of the sky! It didn't make it this far south but maybe tomorrow. I can take the cold if the sun would just shine once in a while.

  12. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed new year! Judy & John

  13. Loved the fog rolling out and clearing off..How could you be sad with Tucker in your life??? Dogs are welcomed in hospitals and nursing homes now, for good reason..They make us smile...Thank Tucker for making us do the same!! HAPPY New Year!!

  14. Love your beach picture/message. I am sleeping a lot more these last few weeks and I know its the lack of sunlight. I have one of those lights that mimic daylight, but forget to turn it on. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  15. Took my brain a minute to realize the symptoms being listed were meant for a dog, up till the "inappropriate pottying", I was sitting there going, "yup, yup, yup..." as I check off the symptoms.

    I blame the roll back to regular time for alot of it as it shifts the daylight hours to earlier in the morning, a time of day when I'm often asleep or working, and thus is utterly worthless to me.

    I crave the day we leap ahead again so that I can actually have some daylight in the part of the day that I actually use.


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