Saturday, December 29, 2012

talking turkey?


The turkey we served on Christmas Day weighed in at 9.76 kilos or 21.5 pounds..

It served ten and then I sent home two care packages, one for my sister and her husband and one for my parents.

We had hot turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day and then Carlie had some left overs one night this week..and there is still enough for one more sandwich. Not bad for a 21 pound turkey..for just over $20….18 servings…

That is the biggest advantage to being the host and hostess for Christmas Dinner..the left overs!!!

Now what to do with that Turkey carcass?..Turkey soup gets my vote..

IMG_0304 the carcass simmers away the smell of turkey once again fills the condo..

..more chopping and dicing this morning..


..and then through the magic of ‘blogging’

the finished product..


..this pot of soup is going on a car ride with Carlie....lunch for her boyfriend, Aaron..don’t forget the cheese biscuits, fresh from the oven..


..sure hope they enjoy it..

Good thing there is enough to make a big pot for us too, with more than enough for yet another meal or two..


A turkey that ‘keeps on giving’…or rather ‘feeding’..

Dinner time..better go..the soup’s on!!


  1. Can't beat turkey soup and we concur, the turkey keeps on giving and giving, and so on. I could smell the soup from here in Salem, Oregon.

  2. Mmmmm...I can smell it from here too!!
    I didn't save the carcass for soup this year but I did send a bag full of turkey sandwiches with Matt and Stew for their train ride home.

  3. Kathy can make seven meals out of a $10.00 chicken. That is why we buy the turkey or ham and bring it to the daughter who's turn it is to have the occassion that year. Every year they rotate who is doing Christmas, Easter and Thanks Giving. Everyone gets at least a second meal from the leftovers and nothing goes to waste. Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Because we were eating out on Christmas I made us a turkey the week before just so we could have leftovers. Didn't make soup but they did here in the park for the day after Christmas. It was wonderful.

  5. I don't know if I can take anymore turkey, between all the Thanksgiving leftovers and Christmas and leftovers, I might have a melt down. Please pass me some ham (quickly). :c)

  6. Our turkey was 13 lbs for $12.00. It served seven people. We had 4 sandwiches and one other meal. I made a huge pot of turkey soup (I make cream of turkey soup) and we had all the gnarly bits for our dog and our friends dog. All and all a lot of food for your buck!

  7. That soup looks great! We had ham and the navy bean and ham soup will be coming soon from that big tasty ham bone. It is fun to send care packages home with the kids, isn't it.

  8. I loved being the host for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. We always had turkey and sometimes ham with it. The best part -- just like you said -- was the leftovers. Many times those leftovers ended up being turkey soup.

  9. Turkey is one of our favs & we get one every few months. Lasts us for a long time & we never tire of turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey casserole, etc.

  10. Leftovers ... yup, always good. I like your header photo -- Happy New Year to you too.

  11. thats what I miss by not being a hostess...the left overs happy new year to you!!

  12. That looks soooo good and smells good from here also.

  13. Sue, that all looks soooooooooo good!!! You sure know how to get my attention!!!

  14. Just for the record,I froze our Turkey carcass and made my soup about 3 weeks later...worked great!

  15. Happy New Year Sue & Doug. I'm hoping for a great 2013.


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