Sunday, December 16, 2012

those bins filled with ‘history’


The reality of the Christmas season is upon us..

After doing the usual Saturday errands, we managed to break out the Christmas Decorations but not before the floors were vacuumed and washed and the furniture dusted..

The three large bins were brought up from the storage locker and we embraced the decorating process..

The wreath is on the door..


..and of course, Doug says..’Are we done now?’

The tree was the next item is a little one..perched upon the end table.. but pretty still the same..


The Christmas  decorations are a history of our married life..the first ornament to be hung is the ‘first Christmas together’ from 1981..31 times that lovely ornament has adorned our tree.


Quite the accomplishment to still have it intact and filled with many special memories.

The tree skirt was made by  my friend, Brenda’s, Mom, Melba..a lovely quilted keepsake that has been under our tree for more than 10 years..

…the coffee table runner is also a quilted item from Melba..


..the mantle is adorned with the garland..


..and a close up of my favourite Christmas decoration..


Christmas time is a trip down memory lane..our ‘history’ in a few plastic bins..

Now….onto making that grocery list, and finish the shopping and the wrapping..Tomorrow..that was enough work for one day..


  1. Many fond recollections of unpacking Christmas decorations as a little fellow many years ago have remained as some of my favorite memories. Looking very warm & cozy at your house.

  2. I brought a very small box of very old ornaments with me in the rig. You are so right about bringing back memories. :)

  3. Lovely ... the house is all dressed up for the holidays.

  4. Our daughter still uses the tree my parents used. It's not a beautiful tree but it's one with memories too. She has some of the ornaments that decorated our trees even when I was a child. Over the years she has added many memories of her own. It is a time of year filled with memories.

    Nice blog.

  5. You are so good. I am taking our little tree down this morning and starting over. I am just not happy with it. I rushed. A no no!

  6. Thanks for sharing pictures of your Christmas decorations. Beautiful!

  7. You were clearly in a festive mood. Your home looks great!

  8. Everything looks lovely, I like the wreath, and the Santa is beautiful, you are making me homesick!

  9. Love the First Christmas ball, so nice that it has survived the years. Beautiful decorations with so many treasured memories!

  10. I have very few ornaments left from the early days of our marriage but I do have all the boys' special ones that I hang on the tree

  11. Your decorations are so beautiful and that ornament is delightful. I love the memories brought back each year by the familiar decorations.

  12. The house is beautiful and looks like Christmas should look.

  13. Because we are never at home for Christmas it has been years since we decorated. I enjoy everyone elses though! I do. plan on keeping our boxes of ornaments. with some other treasures in storage.

  14. I didn't put a lot of my decorations out this year but after reading this post and the memories it brings to me, I am going to get those boxes out and go down memory lane too. I was just being lazy!


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