Saturday, April 28, 2012



Last Sunday we did venture east on Highway One was a ‘topless’ drive…


..nothing like the wind in ‘our  hair’..and a view of Mount Baker!!.. a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

We survived the work week..and now it’s Saturday?..what are we going to do?..

Well, the decision was made late on Friday night that we were going to head either east towards Kelowna or south to the Cabela’s Store just north of Seattle in Marysville/Tulalip area..

…anyone who knows us knows that I am a planner?? so this  impromptu trip was in the making…decision was made.. we are heading south in the morning…

To the land of red, white and blue and cheap gas…


we crossed at the Sumas border..only a short wait of 20 minutes..and we were heading  through all the rolling farmlands of the Nooksack area..

Within an hour or so we arrived at our destination!..the brand spanking new..


a large sprawling store filled with everything for the outdoors man/ woman…from clothes and shoes camping gear and household items..and weapon or two if you are so inclined!

..oh and then there is the  ‘Dead animal’ display..


..from deer, moose, polar bear, elk to wolverine and squirrels..

..a taxidermist’s little piece of heaven…


..Doug made a few purchases…three t-shirts, a jacket and a pair of shoes..

…a new wardrobe just in time for being a year older  next week….


yes..that is gravel that our ‘pavement princess/ mall crawler is parked on…

.. but it was time for Tucker to go for  a run before we head north again…


….a quick turn around and we were heading towards the rain…IMG_8033-1

….Where is the receipt for the Cabela’s purchase?….Doug struggles to pull the receipt out of his pocket..and this is what I got…


a scrunched up piece of paper…the ink is barely dry and he mushes it into his pocket..knowing full well that I am going to ask for it..

as you can tell I have a wee bit of OCRD…what does that stand for?…

Obsessive Compulsive Receipt is a self diagnosed aliment that Doug has to put up with…

I like the receipts handed to me  looking like this…not looking like a ‘mushed up’ mess..


..all in good least he had the receipt!..I will give him that much…

..along the I-5 corridor there is a couple of RV we stopped in to have a quick look…

The doors are all open …feel free to take a look….

We saw this Winnebago Adventurer…a 2005….needs a bit of updating but it could work?..if only it had dual pane windows…


Tucker was a patient boy…sitting and waiting outside while we took a look…

We kicked a few more tires…and slammed a few doors..and then we saw it…at the end of the row..our ‘dream RV’ …there she was in all her ‘glory’…

Perfection in the making…our jeep would look so great behind this ‘beauty’…

What a ‘treat’ it would be to be driving down the road in this rig…

All our ‘Rving Friends’ would be so envious…you will only wish you could be as lucky as us…

I can see it now…life on the ‘open road’…it was so ‘perfect’ I didn’t want to go inside for fear of being disappointed…

Meet the new ‘Bigdawg’….isn’t she ‘lovely’!!..


..oh  the ‘stories’ she could tell..we can only imagine the miles and the adventures she has been on…

She is a ‘beauty’ alright…she just need a ‘little work’..and maybe a wax job….oh and a ‘giant overhaul’..too bad she is bit smelly!..

Sorry old aren’t the one..all the ‘febreeze’ in the state of Washington won’t help…

I think we better keep ‘looking’…..sure we like a challenge but I think ‘she’ is beyond our scope of capabilities!

Saturday, April 21, 2012



Saturday.. Date night in the making…Where are we going?

…well, the RV show, of course…

The Humdinger of all RV shows..


Two for the price of one, after 5 pm….what a deal!..that was the plan…

But sometimes things just don’t come together…not today anyway…

no tiring kicking…no RV dreaming…

We stayed home tonight..Date night is postponed…instead it was a frozen pizza and TV..

Not quite what I had in mind..a ‘good hair’ day, too ..geesh!!!

Oliver was happy to have us at home tonight, at least…


just hanging around..ahh  yes the life of the cat…the ‘boss’!..when the dog is away the cat is on the ottoman!..snoozing…


Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Day in and day out I head off to work…some days feeling very good about the work I do and then there are those days when I feel unappreciated..

I am not the type of worker that needs to be told every single day that I have done a good job…but we all know that a ‘pat on the back’ goes a very long way…

To be appreciated and made to feel like your work ethic is noticed does make the  day seem so much more worthwhile..

Today was a day for a some ‘appreciation’…

Once a year there is a Long Term Service Tea..for all of those who have hit a milestone in the ‘years worked category’

10/15/20/25/30 and the Dinosaur Club 35…


There were three of us who were members of the ‘Dinosaur Club’…


Quite the feat..don’t ask me how it just did..time goes by and before you know.. here I am a proud member of this ‘club’!..

Never mind the fact that one of the young guys told me that his 35th year would be in 2046..

All kidding aside of is so nice to be acknowledged.. 2012_04_181

my ‘sentence ‘ is almost done..two years from June 1st 2012 is the earliest I can retire..

that will  be 38 years of service and the age 55..the real ‘magic number’..

One day at a week at a time…one year at a time..


..thanks for appreciating all the hard work..and the time ‘served’!

This ‘dinosaur’ better head to bed..tomorrow is a work day…

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ho hum…


Another weekend draws to a close…the two days off go by so quickly..

I spent the morning doing the usual chores…laundry, washing floors, dusting,  bathrooms….

and then this afternoon we went in search of a new place to take Tucker for a walk..


an off leash park/trail on Eagle Ridge Mountain, called Ridge Park.

It was a rocky trail at the start..and the view was amazing of the north end of Coquitlam..


..and then it heads downhill into the old growth forest…

Tucker of course, had a great time exploring all the tree stumps..finding sticks to carry and a ditch to swim in..


..doesn’t take much to make him happy…at least there was no new ‘perfume’ to roll in…

..there was a lesson learned today though: BRING THE CAMERA..even if you think it isn’t going to picture worthy!..

..sure I had my phone…but it just isn’t the same…

so as we embark on yet another work week…..ho hum…

..I leave you with this…


..made me smile..hope it does the same for you…

..oh and by the way the lucky recipient of the Art of Racing in the Rain is…drum roll please!!!..

Janna, blog keeper of Tin Teepee…we will be in touch!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012



Yesterday being Friday the 13th..not that I am normally the superstitious type or the one that thinks something ‘bad’ is going to happen?…

For the first time in Tucker’s short life..I got ‘mad’ at him…yes this would be a first…my golden boy, not so so golden…

What did he do?..well, he rolled in ‘poop’..he had a grand old was stuck his his collar..

So you know of course he had to have a bath..not a nice warm one with the garden hose..cold water and shampoo!..He was not worthy of a ‘spa treatment’..

It was like he knew…I am going to the ‘doctor’ tomorrow and I need to a bath!! he got his wish!

..this morning we loaded up the ‘boys’..

Tucker in the back of the jeep..


and Oliver ‘aka PO-Man’ the back seat…


….now as you all know, Tucker travels very well..never wines or complains..

Oliver on the hand..very noisy…

meow meow meow..MEOW!!


..he did finally settle down after about 20 minutes…


..yes, we travel all the way to Surrey for our ‘boys’…


..we have been coming here since the days of our beloved Ledger…

..Today it was time for their check-ups..

..but we had to wait..


Dr. Douglas is a busy man…so we wait and wait..and the ‘boys’ are very patient…

finally it is our turn..

..Tucker was first..

weight: 82 pounds

Yearly booster

Kennel cough Vaccine

teeth cleaned

ears cleaned

ultrasound of bladder and spleen

..and a box of Flea Prevention..


..then it was Oliver’s turn…

weight: 15 pounds

checked over..teeth good..ears clean..

Rabies vaccine..

and we are good to go for another year…

Tucker.. $196.75


‘Family discount’..$58.00

knowing our ‘boys’ are healthy for another year…

PRICELESS… on to the rest of our Saturday…home we go to drop the kitty off… and Tucker to daycare to play with his ‘buddies’…

We headed to Langley  for IMG_7988

..some tire kicking and a free hot dog lunch..


..the sun was shining ..the motorhomes were all dealing with salesmen!..whohoo!..did we find our ‘dream rv’?…not today..maybe next time?

….now one last item today…

If you made it all the way to the end of this ‘priceless post’..good for you…or if you eyes have glazed over and you scanned quickly?..

I finally finished the book I got from Russ and Donna..enjoyed it immensely..

‘Enzo is a special dog…’


..time to ‘pay it forward’…if you are interested in receiving this book~~~please leave a comment, and I will draw a  name and send it off to the lucky ‘winner’!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Truth be told..


Tomorrow I will be venturing off to that place called ‘work’..

I haven’t been there for seven weeks?…



a painful foot ailment..also known as plantar fasciitis..

seven weeks ago the pain was a 10/10 and now it is a 0/10..

My job entails walking and more walking..a constant ‘on your feet’ all day kind of job..

I had assumed that I would have been off for two weeks and then return to work..but that was not to be..two weeks turned into four and then four weeks turned into seven..

IMG_0134-1 what have I been doing for the past seven weeks..

not really too much…


lots of this….I embraced my new found hobby..


..finished a few projects…

and started some new ones..


..but now the reality of ‘working’  again has set in..

I am happy to get back to a routine of ‘heading off to work’…having a purpose…


..oh sure it will be a gradual return to work….four hours the first week..then six  hours the second week and then finally the third week I should be back to eight hours..

Now..if only I could remember my locker combination and my computer password?..oh geez…

……truth be told?…I need a vacation..Smile

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Sea of Orange?..


Saturday morning dawned bright and early for those of us who were heading south of the border for a shopping adventure..


..where we going, Dad?..I am all my cookies, water and my food..oh, and my ‘chuck-it’..


..the usual questions at the border with a couple of new ones thrown in just for good measure?

  • Any prescriptions?
  • more than $1000 in cash?

We escaped the confines of the border and headed south on the I-5 with all the other shoppers from British Columbia..

Fullscreen capture 07-Apr-2012 165535

..first stop was in Mount Vernon at McDonalds..

the token mango/pineapple smoothies..


..sure we can get them at home now..but a road trip isn’t the same without them!


We continued southward towards the town of Burlington…noticing that there were quite a few RV’s heading north..lots of snowbirds coming home..lucky them to have spent the winter in the warm sunshine!!

We arrived at the Walmart in Marysville in record quick stop for a few supplies, new chairs and some  ‘starbursts’

IMG_7936 we didn’t buy any Cheese Balls..”you have your own orange ball, Tucker!’


..does anyone actually buy these??? stop was the outlet mall…the place was packed and it was barely 10:00!


..our mission here was to find some runners for moi!..two pairs for under $86..what a deal!

..the other deal we got was gas at Costco!.. $3.99 a gallon..considering it is $5.38 here at home!

..with our picnic lunch of  egg sandwiches’..we headed towards the border… stopping at our all time favourite beach…Birch Bay State Park..


..we haven’t been here in almost two years…the only downside was the fact that the cost for parking was $ thanks..we found a free spot..that was just fine !!


the sun was shining and the wind was blowing but it was perfect still the same..


..we set up the chairs…


..and ate our lunch..

Tucker played on the beach..


..he ran and ran until he could run no more..and then he rolled in the mud!


..we sat in the sunshine….taking turns throwing the ball for the  ‘dirty golden boy’..

IMG_7970.. A Winnebago  Journey  pulled up behind us..


..stopping to admire the view..


Now wouldn’t our ‘orange jeep’ look just fine behind the motorhome?


..not to be…not yet…wait your will happen soon enough!


….time to head home…

Stats for the ‘Sea of Orange’ road trip..

  • 204 miles
  • one thumb’s up
  • ‘two jeep waves’
  • lots of looks..’yes we know it’s orange!!’

Thanks for riding along on this beautiful Saturday…till next time…

Aww nuts…

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