Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crawford Bay Artisans


We woke up this morning to sunshine once again..


..a swing on the deck with our tea and coffee this morning..and then a lovely breakfast of bacon,eggs, hash browns and toast..


We had made plans today to head to Crawford Bay..


arriving early enough at the ferry dock, there was time for a few photos and a swim for Tucker..


yet another lake added to his ever growing list.. 

To get to Crawford Bay you have to take   the Longest Free Ferry Ride in the world, a 40-minute scenic crossing of Kootenay Lake, from nearby Kootenay Bay to Balfour on the lake's west arm.


..the breeze on the lake was very welcoming as the temperature was nearing 30 degrees celcius..



..and a lovely photo of our hosts..Brenda and Ken..


..after the forty minute ferry ride..we drove the three miles to Crawford Bay..home a few Artisan Shops..

our first stop was the Northwoven  Broom shop..they are famous for making the brooms for Bewitched and Harry Potter..


..Ken checking out the ‘bats in the belfry’..


..next stop was the Barefoot Handweaving..the shop is in a building made of straw..


..right next door is a  glass blowing shop..


and then Brenda’s favourite shop..Kootenay Forge..


..even Bart liked this one..


one more sign photo..this one was jeep related..see if you are paying attention..


..another ferry ride back..


and within an hour we were back at Brenda and Ken’s..drinking and enjoying the great company..2012_07_315

so basically our day consisted of

  • eating
  • drinking
  • shopping
  • ferry ride
  • more drinking
  • and more eating..

tomorrow will be a repeat of most activities..with a trip to Baker Street just for fun..

stay tuned and thanks for riding along with us..

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to British Columbia..

We were up early this morning once again..this time we were able to see the sun come up over the mountain..


we were packed up and popped down by 7:00 mountain time..


ready to travel…next destination is Nelson, BC.. 250 miles from Kalispell..

Fullscreen capture 30-Jul-2012 220507

..this had to be one of our best travel days..very light traffic..single lane road..and the views were so amazing..


..the time seemed to pass very quickly..although it did help that we gained an hour..


..we crossed into Idaho..the lowest elevation in Montana at 1854 feet..

..a quick stop in the town of Bonner’s Ferry..


and before we knew it we were heading towards the border at Porthall..


.welcome back to Beautiful British Columbia..

The Salmo/Creston Summit was our next climb..at almost 5900 feet…


the rest area was one of the prettiest and most scenic ones we have stopped at on this road trip..


..there was a lake for Tucker..


and even Bart ventured out of the jeep to watch the show that Tucker puts on..


a warming hut for hikers..such a pretty setting..


just another 100 miles or so..and there it was..


..we have now settled in at our friend’s lovely home..


..the jeep and the tent trailer are safely parked in the driveway..


..we with a lovely meal and drinks..’Make yourself at home’..this is our room for the next few days..


and as you can see, Tucker has taken the ‘make yourself at home’, literally..


..so as we say good night from Nelson, British Columbia..more adventures to come..

Sunday, July 29, 2012

On the eighth day..


Our last day at Spruce Rv Park was one filled with ‘chores’..you know the ones..



…housework?..or tent trailer work?..tiding up  and getting organized to head out in the morning..

We are in a bad case of denial..it is always nice to find a place that  you truly like and want to come back to..


..even Tucker was in a ‘mood’ today..no swimming for him..


..we had noisy traffic on the river today..


..the park is busy..lots of new campers arrived today..We have lovely new neighbours, Wayne and Heather..such a great couple..too bad we aren’t staying longer..


We went to Jim and Sandie’s for dinner tonight..


On the menu was  chicken fried steak, gravy, potatoes, green beans, and salad..and for dessert..Chocolate Brownie..

The company was lovely and we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting our number #15..

..so once again..day eight will end with us saying..’ we are going to miss this’..


..but we still have another week of vacation....we are travelling to Nelson, BC in the morning…off to spend some quality time with our friends, Brenda and Ken..

Bring on day 9..

Saturday, July 28, 2012

yet another fine ‘dam’ day..


After the thunder and lightning and rain storm we endured, the thought of a rainy day was on our minds..but it wasn’t to be ..

Sunny and warm, yet again..

We slept in, had our coffee sitting by the river…the peace and tranquility of this spot is  what we are going to miss..

We headed into the town of Whitefish….Sandie was right..not much to see or do..


we did spot this gate..quite the creation and then in the front yard there was a teepee, and a red bus..


turns out is a lodge..


There is a lake..but it is a city beach and big sign that says ‘no dogs’..what the heck?..don’t they know Tucker?..and how he has to swim in every body of water he sees..

..he ‘cried’ as we drove away..I guess he missed the ‘class’ in reading signs..’big baby!’

Now what?..we were on a mission to find yet another place for him to swim..

..Heading towards West Glacier once again..along the highway there are signs for fishing holes..

A swim in the North Fork of the Flathead River..


there was lots of people launching their watercrafts..Doug spoke with one young guy and he said the fishing is pretty good..

.and then there was a big Newfie dog, named Ernie who wanted to play with Tucker but his family had other plans..a ride in the boat for him..sorry, Ernie..next time..

So since the title for this post is ‘yet another fine ‘dam’ day..

Hungry Horse Dam was our next destination..


..Tucker stayed in jeep..he was sulking because we passed a lake and didn’t stop..he is getting to be very demanding..we have created a swimming ‘monster’..


The Hungry Horse Dam was completed in 1953, Hungry Horse Dam is Montana's highest and the eleventh largest concrete dam in the U.S.

The 564-foot Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir are located 14 miles from Glacier National Park's west entrance.

2012_07_283 The dam, located on the South Fork of the Flathead River, was authorized to help prevent the recurring spring floods on the Columbia and Flathead rivers and to alleviate the annual winter power shortage in the Pacific Northwest.


The dam and reservoir are surrounded by spectacular mountains, offering excellent fishing and hiking in the immediate area.

The Hungry Horse Project received its name from two husky freight horses working in the rugged wilderness of the Flathead River's South Fork area.


They wandered away from their sleigh during the severe winter of 1900-01. After struggling for a month in belly-deep snow, they were found so starved and weak that considerable care and feeding was needed to nurse them back to health.


The name Hungry Horse stuck and was given to a mountain, a lake, a creek, and the dam.

..done with our tour of the dam..we headed back to the lake we passed on the way in..

Lions Lake..


Tucker had a great time as always…our boy loves to swim..don’t know what would write if he wasn’t so entertaining?

..with a wet soggy dog we continued onwards to the West Glacier Park entrance..stopping at the RV parks along the way..having a look to see if there is something better than what we have here..

We came to the conclusion that where we are is pretty darn nice..and nothing really compared to it..

We made one last stop before we turned around and that was at a Fishing tour place..inquiring minds wanted to know what the charge was for a day of fishing on the Flathead River..?..yikes..pretty expensive?


our evening ended with a barbecued steak dinner, a phone call from Paul and Mary and watching the traffic on the river float by…


..so as I say good night from my ‘office’..hope everyone has had a great Saturday…one more day from Kalispell..

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