Thursday, January 17, 2013

Poster Child?

.. a ‘proud’ moment for us today..

Tucker' was chosen to be the ‘poster child’ for Uptown Dawg’s new promotion..

‘Some days, the dogs can't help but find the mud at the Ranch! We are now happy to offer a $20 bath for your pooch after they get back from the ranch to ensure they come home nice and clean!! Call to book your dog in for a fun filled adventure!!’


..there is our ‘sunshine boy’ covered in mud!..the new ‘muddy mascot’!

A couple of weeks ago he went on the ‘ranch run’ at doggie daycare ..


..the fenced in area that the girls take the dogs to was a ‘mud pit’ and of course Tucker was the ‘class clown’..


..maybe the mud is ‘theraputic’?..he was so happy!!..rolling in the mud!

Today was another day of daycare and yet another ‘ranch run’..all for a nominal fee of $12..


..that would be our boy on the bottom left..hard to tell the two ‘golden’s’ apart, especially since today there was no mud..

Pictures117 we had a ‘clean boy’ this afternoon, when we got home..

cost of this day of fun?

$12 for the two hour  ranch run

$26 for 10 hours of daycare

a tired dog? IMG_0445



  1. That is one muddy pup! But I like the sleeping beauty shot the best. :)

  2. Woof! Woof! Golden LOVE it! Such a GOLDEN. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. So now that Tucker is famous, can I say I knew him when...? That daycare place is just incredible. Glad Tucker had such a fun day.

  4. Like the photo of a truly tired Tucker.

  5. Day Care , running and a bath...Sounds like my daughter's 2 boys...and after all, Tucker is "just a boy"...

  6. I wish Jackson liked doggie camp. I took him to such a place as this back home but he didn't like it. He loves other dogs but when there are about 20 of them he doesn't like that. It seems to incriminate too much and he just wants to go home. But your Tucker just seems to thrive there. What a face!!!mud and all. LOL

  7. Congrats Tucker! He is so cute he could do t.v. commercials!

  8. Priceless is right! Now he's a celebrity and I'm just hoping all this fame doesn't go to his head!

  9. He is just the cutest dog! I can't get over how he smiles for the camera!! Love it!

  10. They say dogs look like their owners. Hmm, is there something you need to tell us??? ;c)

  11. Tucker is such a clown and not a bit camera shy.

  12. But of course they chose Tucker! Who else is such a model of doggie perfection, both in pursuit of fun, and in leisure activities. Tucker is the perfect job, and he deserves some recognition. This may help expand the size of his "adoring public". Good for him!

  13. No kidding! Tucker is a poster dog! He's lucky to have two good talent agents for the next step in notoriety.

  14. Molly is here cheering Tucker on: Go Tucker, Go Tucker!! lol
    What a puppy, a "Mud Mascot"!!
    I hope he doesn't mind the bath part. :)
    Our little sweetie was on a great desert walk, with her boyfriend, Hunter the big Lab. All of a sudden, while wearing her pretty purple sweater, she started to roll in the dry weeds! No command could get her to stop! I am still pulling stickers out by tweezers! lol
    Hugs to all,
    Kathy & Molly

  15. I think my favorite picture was the last one of you just passed out from all the fun. WE sometimes send our guests home a little muddy too and their parents are all pretty cool about it like yours.

    The cool part for me is that I get to do it everyday for free cause I live in a doggy day care.

    Maybe one day if you are ever in Utah, you could come play with us.


  16. Congratulations to Tucker. He looks like a happy puppy, in more ways than one!

  17. Lacrosse Balls: Take care if you get one. They are pretty hard and should be raced after, never caught in mid-air (unless you are wielding a Lacrosse stick). On the bright side, none of my boys has ever managed to destroy one, or even made much of a dent in one, and Zachary loves to sit there and chew one like a big wad of chewing gum.


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