Friday, February 8, 2013

Drip Drip Drip..

and so begins another saga of water damage..

The culprit this time around?..our very own dishwasher..only five years old but unbeknownst to us it has a slow leak..


two mornings  ago I came inside from the sundeck and looked down at the floor and noticed a slight bulge at the joint of the laminate floor?


..the carpet at the sink was a bit wet on the back side of it?..what the heck is the problem?

It was dry underneath the kitchen sink?

IMG_0531 is hard to capture the damage in a photograph, but the bulges and separating of the laminate boards was getting worse..


Today it was time to make a few phone to  repair man to fix the leaking dishwasher..

and the other was to our insurance agent..


..time to call in the ‘big guns’!

a restoration company to the rescue..

one dehumidifier and a big blower..


..a moisture test was done and the laminate boards will be removed tomorrow so the drying process can begin..

..stay tuned..more photos  to follow..I have a feeling that this is going to be a long process..

I will have to resort to doing dishes by hand?..


My Friday morning began with one ‘restoration worker’ arriving to remove the flooring..

IMG_0553 the linoleum is not shiny..that is water…


..the ‘drip drip drip’ made it as far as the closet that holds the washer/dryer..

The project manager showed up shortly after the demolition began to ‘assess what needs to be done’..

yet one more worker..and the linoleum was removed..


..It was a revolving door more visitor..a salesman  from the flooring store to measure the condo  and take a sample of the damaged flooring to be ‘priced’ so we know what the budget will be..

In between all of this action, the dishwasher repairman came and left again..needs a new part and will return on Tuesday..


..note the little ‘bird holes’ in the bottom of the cabinets..a test to make sure that there is no moisture underneath..


..tonight we are listening to two big blowers and the de-humidifier..and they are not quiet..sounds like a small ‘jet engine’!

IMG_0562 many days is it till Tuesday?..I think I will have ‘dishpan hands’ by then..

All this mess from one ‘little drip’… but we are most thankful for ‘insurance’.


  1. Don't get dishpan hands! Let Tucker help, I'm sure he'd love to lick your dishes clean! ;c)

  2. What a mess! Maybe eating out is in your future? :)

  3. Hmmm....not sure if I'd rather have your mess or ours!? At least you are not finding electrical issues!!

  4. Oh no! Jet engines, even small ones, don't belong in the house. :(

  5. There aren't many of us RVers out there feeling sorry for you having to wash dishes by hand since we either do that or use paper plates. However, the dishwasher leaking ... now that's another story. We had that in our last house too. We didn't know it was leaking either until we discovered the cabinet was all wet next to it. Lots of luck on getting it repaired and dealing with your insurance company.

  6. Little things can sure turn into big problems, can't they? Sure glad you're getting everything taken care of, but feel sorry for you having to go through all that! I 'm surprised Tucker didn't try to swim in that water!

  7. Beautiful header photo!

    Oh yuck! That happened to us once so we feel your pain. Just think of how beautiful that floor will look come Tuesday.

  8. Oh my... what a project! Glad it is getting fixed before it caused any further damage. Good luck!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  9. Funny you should post this...I just noticed water under our sink...Guess I should mention this to McGyver..but we need a new kitchen floor anyway!!

  10. Floor ruined - bad. Insurance - good!

    Happy that I have my own private handyman - excellent!!

  11. Ugh! That doesn't sound like much fun at all. But, it sounds like a great reason to eat out!

    Thanks so much for reminding us that things go wrong in stick and brick houses, too.

    Hope you're high and dry again soon!


  12. oh Yuck, I have heard those dryers and they are almost unbearable.
    Good thing you caught it when you did.

  13. Methinks it's time to eat out ... or get some paper plates and plastic cutlery ;-) Kidding aside, at least you know the source of the leak ... not always easy to trace such things. On the silver lining side, you've got insurance and you get brand spanking new flooring.

  14. Definitely not a fun time for you guys but hopefully by Tuesday it will all be fixed and back to normal again. You do know you're spoiled by even having a dish washer don't you. Many of us don't have one anymore. And I must admit, there are times when I really miss it.

  15. We hope for a quick resolution to return your condo to normalcy. Good luck with all repairs.

  16. When it drips it pours! Tuesday is close now

  17. My dish pan hands commiserate with Yours! lol
    OH NO!! I do hope the insurance covers the cost of a new floor!
    No fun with all of the noise!


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