Thursday, February 14, 2013

the first 14 days of February..

the daily photo a day process continues..

Day 32: In 1976 the uniform for the nurses was a white dress, white shoes, white nylons and of course the token white nurse’s forward to today and of course that 'style' is no more..this is my Friday ensemble..'Happy 'Fly Day' everyone..butterflies that is!!


Day 33: a morning spent 'kicking some tires and dreaming’..did we find that perfect motorhome?..not this time contenders at this RV show.


Day 34: Some 'people' take their work very my new 'guarder of the yarn'!


Day 35: 'game..set..Monday morning match?..let the week begin..'


Day 36: 'Tickle your fancy?'


Day 37: Shapes?..curves and straight lines


Day 38: We all know that oil and water don't mix but what happens when a leaking dishwasher hits laminate flooring..just a very small piece of a much bigger 'mess'..hard to capture the 'damage'..but all we know is that half of our kitchen floor looks like this....what to doIMG_0535

Day 39: Hot and sudsy..resorting to doing dishes the old fashioned way?


Day 41: 'ob·liv·i·ous..Not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one.'
Carlie and I went to Stanley Park today and as we were walking we noticed this wedding party taking photos along beach..the funny thing was the woman in the red outfit lying on the beach reading her book?..was she just oblivious to the events happening around her or was the wedding party the ones that were oblivious?'s kind of like who was there first??

Day 42: It's what's for dinner..


Day 43: ‘slip slidin’ away’..the park is a lonely place on a rainy afternoon.


Day 44: Awww nuts..why isn't it Friday??


Day 45: Happy Valentine’s Day! it really just ‘another day’?..or is it Valentine’s Day every day at your house?



  1. You are one talented lady! I love this idea but would remember to do it. Great day!

  2. So sorry. That should read....would NOT remember to do it. I hate getting old!

  3. Interesting what you notice and take pictures of when you have a challenge like this one. Happy Valentines!

  4. Pretty cool as usual. You're just so clever! :c)

  5. Our best Valentines wishes to you and Doug. Liked your recap in pictures for the first 45 days.

  6. I suppose if I had to recap my last 45 days is would include things like a walker, a cane, and my incision scar. Yuck! Glad you're doing it and not me. :)

  7. I guess that's one way to keep track of what you're doing ... pretty clever too.

  8. Isn't it funny that when you want and look around, the simplest things can make an interesting photo?? Great job!

  9. You're doing great with the photo-a -day. Good ones too. Happy V day to you and Doug.

  10. A photo a day! You are doing a great job! Every Day every day is Valentines Day at our house.

  11. Are you sure that is a good contender for "yarn guardian"?! :)
    Cute kitty pic!
    And I hope the kitchen is repaired by now so that you no longer have dish pan hands! lol

  12. I love the wedding party shot! Too funny. I guess we'll never know. :)

  13. Love your photos, Sue! You are so creative and have a good eye for floors and shapes that are interesting. Great job.

  14. Love your yarn guardian...what a cutie...and love the wedding party shot...sorry about your floor :(...

  15. Keep up the good work with your photo-a-day project. You have talent writing and in photography. Love the kitty


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