Sunday, March 17, 2013

A cure for what ails you?


Only a few more days till spring is here and the winter doldrums can be ‘kicked to the curb’. I, for one can hardly wait.

The sun was out this morning so we headed out in search of an afternoon of ‘mother nature’ exploration?

As we headed east the clouds were getting thicker and darker..oh oh..I think we went in the wrong direction?

First stop was the small town of Deroche, home of the best beef jerky and pepperoni…and ‘fried chicken’


..with the purchases loaded in the jeep we continued onward..savouring the smells coming from the ‘grocery bag’..

We stopped at Kilby Provincial Park..the rain was just starting…


..this provincial  park is on the banks of the Harrison River..



..Tucker’s first swim of the day..


he is in his usual position..completely airborne?

IMG_0830 muddy foot print..

with Tucker loaded in the back of jeep we continued towards Harrison Hot Springs..

and then onwards to Deer Lake in Sasquatch Provincial park..


there were a few hardy campers occupying some of the campsites..this would be our lunch spot for today..


..swim number 2 for the golden boy..


..some trips are all about the ‘Tuck-meister?’


..and then the snow began?


and where is the dog?..still swimming, of course..

time to head back..lots of mountain ‘run off’..there were a few ‘waterfalls’ along the road back to Harrison Hot Springs..


..Harrison, Tucker did not swim here..


We were headed towards home but decided to make one more stop..the town of Aggssiz..home of the Fraser Valley Fishing Lodge..


a beautiful lodge on the shores of the Fraser River..


..the view from the rooms..


..picture perfect..with the snow on the mountains..

I wonder how much it costs to stay here??..may have to look into that?

We  ended our day with a walk along the dyke just steps from the lodge..


..the views were amazing..


..and of course, where there is water, there is Tucker..


..the last body of water today?..the Fraser River..


..looks like this boat ‘ran aground?’..a few years ago?

IMG_0856 as this weekend comes to a close..we seem to have found a ‘cure for what ails, you?..

Nothing like a day exploring all that Mother Nature has to offer..

Cost of this cure?

$12 for lunch

$38 for gas

time well spent with two of the ‘men’ in my life?..Priceless



  1. Definitely time well spent. Tucker is so funny. He certainly loves the water. Does he jump in the bath tub that eagerly?

  2. Looks like an awesome day trip. Tucker is a real hoot. Love his exurberance. We have a lot to learn from dogs! Take care.

  3. It's a good thing you live so close to lakes and rivers. Without them, what the heck would Tucker do??????????

  4. It is about time you got out and about. I am sure you all slept very well after that fun day. Glad Tucker got his swimming fix too!

  5. Those first early Spring outings are always so special after the winter doldrums have been in place for so long. For many years I so much looked forward to that first nice drive on dry pavement, no snow, a warming sun with birds in the trees & little green shoots beginning to poke their way through the ground. It's like one gets a whole new lease on life being out in those early spring days. Spring tonic they call it & that fresh air & sunshine is the best therapy ever. And orange always looks great anywhere:))

  6. You are lucky to have such great scenery so close by. Hope the sun comes out for you.

  7. We don't have any signs of Spring here yet...Today is ice and sleet...I am beginning to lose my sense of humor, and that isn't good...doesn't bode well for poor McGyver.

  8. Hmmm, that was most familiar countryside you three traveled. The area is often visited by motorcycle on sunny days. An outing, in any weather, is a refreshing change to the usual routine.

  9. Your posts surprise me. You guys know places we have never even heard of. We must talk. Deroche General Store! who'd thought!

  10. I so enjoy that Tucker-boy. He just makes me smile and puts a whole new perspective on my day. What a wonderful day for all of you even if it was a little cool and cloudy.

  11. That is such a great thing to do, this time of year, there are so many early signs of spring (dogs swimming). It's been years and years since I have been up that way.

  12. What a fun day you had! Even if the weather didn't totally cooperate, it beats staying home! :)

  13. Snow!? That ain't snow! :P

    I kind of got home sick with all those familiar sites. Spring maybe a couple days away, but Old Man Winter hasn't gotten that memo here.

  14. The way TUcker flies into the water, I think you need to get him a cape and a shirt with a big "S" on it. :c)

  15. Guess Tucker doesn't care if it's raining - he's going to get wet anyway! What a great dog.

  16. Time well spent without a doubt! Love to see those mountain photos ... nothing like them where we are now.

  17. Tucker sure doesn't stay dry long does he?


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