Saturday, March 30, 2013

Different ‘priorities’?

We all have different ‘priorities’ when we are at home..albeit work, housework, meals, laundry  and the usual stuff..but here in the land of no internet or cell service, priorities seem to shift..

What is really important to some may not be as important to others..

..sleeping in?


..the first taste of coffee?


or maybe a ‘steamed milk with caramel swirl?


a morning campfire that finally decided to burn?


..the four legged boy has a different set of priorities?

..swimming is on the top of the list..he is ready..has his frisbee just within ‘paws reach’..hoping and waiting for someone..anyone?

IMG_0988 to eat your breakfast first, Tucker..can’t go till you do?..then you have to wait at least an hour?


‘Bart’?..he likes to just lay around..


..another thing on our to-do list was to make sure the water pump was operational.. Doug filled the holding tank and within a few minutes we were good to go..IMG_0996

I think the next priority on someone’s list is to go ‘dry camping’..none of this ‘fancy schmancy’ stuff..

some peace and quiet would be in this ‘rustic setting’ there is one  screaming child right next door to us.., ATV’s and chainsaws..all in the name of camping in a ‘resort’

…a few signs of Spring?


…not too many ‘bloomin’ trees..


..and then there is the daily photo of Blue Lake..

IMG_1008 priority for me is to sit and read or maybe knit..Doug has gone fishing this afternoon, Tucker has been swimming so now it’s time for some Me-time!


..our boy can never get too much swim time he sits waiting patiently for his Dad to return..


..willing the fishing to end..


..finally the last swim of the day..


..and the one token ‘airborne’ photo…’Air Tucker’!

IMG_1019 dinner was over and the campfire was lit..we had some surprise company..Dean and Theresa did the two hour drive  from Maple Ridge and came for a quick visit and coffee and cookies!

nice way to end our Saturday filled with  ‘priorities’!

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  1. Soon we willl be on a trip too! Dreaming and planing are my priorities right now. Love to see Tucker so wet and happy.


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