Monday, April 1, 2013

home again..


We were all packed up and heading for home by 10:30 this morning..


first stop was the rest area just east of Hope..


..we noticed a ‘hitchhiker’


..we had picked him up on our day trip yesterday.. I guess he wanted to head to the coast for a decent burial?..

As we ventured on the freeway, the traffic came to a sudden stop just east of Abbotsford..

one four car pile up is enough to create ‘gridlock’..


..just a minor fender bender  to look at and we carried on..our last stop before home was the car wash..


..unpacked and laundry being done, so ends our first adventure of 2013..

Nice to be away but good to be home too..

We are already thinking of the next trip in the not too distant future..but first there is laundry to fold and lunches to make for work..

Thanks for riding along with us on this first trip, stay tuned there will be more..


  1. Love that header collage. Tucker is such a happy boy. Glad you are home safe and sound and didn't get caught in the pile-up. I guess I missed some posts last week while the grands were here - will go catch up!!

  2. You are hardy types. You will make great boondockers. See you soon.

  3. Like Donna, I must have missed more than one post as I thought you were out on a day trip.


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