Sunday, April 21, 2013



This weekend we managed to escape the confines of our ‘life on the lower mainland’..

2013_04_19 was a wet, rainy drive on late Friday afternoon, as we headed towards the town of Merritt..and then once we reached the Coquihalla Summit, down over the other side and there was the blue sky!

..there was some hope for the weekend to be sunny?

Destination was the N’kwala Forest Service Campground on the banks of the Nicola River..


..a ‘free campsite’…yes, you read that correctly..FREE!..the only amenities are outhouses, sans toilet paper and picnic tables…


..and the campground was empty..except for us and a deserted trailer parked a few spots down..


..Tucker was able to run free..


..perfection in his eyes..water and no leash!

..the pinecones were aplenty..

2013_04_20 were the ‘ducks?’..I am sure someone out there in blogville can identify these two?


..Dean and Theresa came for a visit on our rainy Saturday..we had a campfire and roasted hotdogs..


..the rain continued through the day and into the night..there was even fresh snow on the mountains..


..we stayed inside the trailer after dinner..


..the blanket continues to ‘grow’..

and the Disaronna ‘level’ shrinks..


..this morning it was snowing when we woke up…is this not April?..

As we were packing up, there was an eagle fishing in the river..he managed to catch a fish and then sat in the tree and admired his ‘find’..



We decided rather than enjoying a leisurely morning, we were loaded up and ready to go within two hours..IMG_1201

..and headed towards home..

We made the decision to take the Fraser Canyon instead of the Coquihalla..a bit longer of  a drive but at least there would be no snow on the roads.


..but there was ‘animal sightings’..first some deer..

and then some big horn sheep..


..this one even decided he had an itch and stopped to scratch..

IMG_1206 is a bit longer of a drive and the only snow was on the mountain tops..IMG_1211 as our ‘weekend filled with ‘Silence’ comes to an end..


..we are already thinking of trip #3 for 2013..


  1. Male and female Common Mergansers ;)

    It was snowing here when I woke up...we may see Spring by July at this rate! Looks like a nice get away!

  2. Great that you got to see the eagle and other animals. If you let the weather keep you home, you would miss these things. The header photo with your wet puppy is cute.

  3. You are brave souls.

    Lucky too with the animal sitings.

    See you soon.

  4. Did you wonder if everybody else knew something you did not:) Seeing the big horn sheep would have been a big thrill for me!

  5. You are hardier camping folks than we are!

  6. OH my, we are so very jelouse that you got to go camping. Wow and all the wildlife and teh water and the snow and the blue sky. What a great great post.

  7. You guys as sure having a lot of fun with that camper. Bravo for you for getting out there and enjoying the solitude. That is a great shot of the eagle.

  8. So sorry the weather didn't cooperate. I am sure it felt good to get out of the stuffy house for a short time. The sheep be a real treat to see.

  9. Your week-end looked so wonderful despite the snow. It looks like you made the best of it. Here's hoping for some warmer weather for you very soon!

  10. That was a nice big site you had, and free is always good. :)

  11. A nice getaway weekend. With no one else camping - so it seemed - you had the entire place to yourselves. That is a treat!

    Ah, what's a little rain? No big deal....especially when you can stay warm and dry.

  12. Hi Sue, you Canadians are a hearty bunch!
    Glad to see Tucker found heaven! lol
    Duck on the left looks like the female Common Merganser, bad feather day, the 2 on the right are the male Common Mergansers.
    What great animal sightings, they must have been surprised to see you, too! :)

  13. I wouldn't have done it without the Hiker..but then I am a big baby when it comes to cold weather..I sure envy you that wildlife up there!

  14. Any weekend away is worth it, no matter how uncooperative the weather is. Nice to see you got away and used that neat little trailer. :c)

  15. You were rewarded for taking your time getting back home with a great big horn sheep encounter ... and an eagle at the campground ... sounds like a successful camping weekend to me.

  16. LOL - "..the blanket continues to ‘grow’.. and the Disaronna ‘level’ shrinks.."

    Sounds like a good time :)

  17. Yes, that's us, too--we can't stay home just because the weather is iffy. Love that picture of the eagle!

  18. Nothing better than "The Sounds of Silence"...

  19. Beautiful wildlife pictures. I love a good quiet campsite too.

  20. Loved your post! Great pics. Love the orange jeep and orange camper chairs. Wonderful wildlife and the Disaronno would help with the damp weather. Judy & John

  21. Rainy weather means a different kind of camping experience, but a good one, I think. You got some great photos! :)


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