Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring has sprung?

Day 75: 'back to normal'..the old is gone and the 'new is in'...the water soaked floor is but a distant memory!


Day 76: 'ran aground?'


Day 77: 'a bin full of adventure?'..yes, that would be the start of getting organized for camping season 2013!!..bring it on..we are so 'ready'!!


Day 78: 'How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?..Myrtle wood that is..purchased in Port Orford, Oregon two years ago.
'The Oregon Myrtle wood tree grows uncultivated, only in a small area along the Pacific Coast. It is of the Laurel Family (Lauraceae), as are Greecian bay laurel, camphor, cinnamon, sassafras, and avocado. Oregon Myrtle wood sometimes goes by other folk names such as Coos Bay Laurel or bay and pepperwood. All are one-in-the-same, botanically classified as Umbellularia California.'


Day 79: Getting all 'charged up'


Day 80: on this first day of spring it is time to start 'planning'..whether we go left or right or north,south east or west..we just need to 'GO'


Day 81: 'What's your normal?'


Day 82: 'ora-nge' you just soooo clean and shiny!!


Day 83: 'popped up' in the underground parkade..first time the trailer has been open since Monck Park in September 2012..all loaded and ready to go..battery charged, propane filled..all we need now is for next weekend to be here!IMG_0905

Day 84: 'Keys'..they open doors, and lock doors to keep you safe, make the car work so you can drive..they can also be a great sense of aggravation if you lose them or they are just a big tangled mess. When was the last time you actually 'cleaned up' your 'keys?'IMG_0907

Day 85: 'pasta?.it all may look different but it is one food item that you can buy that comes in all different shapes and sizes but still tastes the same?


Day 86: ' a new perch' with a great view of the 'kitchen happenings'


Day 87: 'on the road again'! with the big white box following close behind!


Day 88: 'Two?' red boats at Blue Lake?


Day 89: 'Blue Lake'..time to pause and reflect?


Day 90: The 'one of many frozen lakes' ..Alleyne Lake...our picnic spot on Easter Sunday!


..and so ends the month of March..this ‘daily photo project’  can be a difficult one but I will continue..only 275  more photos to go!!


  1. Good work with the photos. With spring sprung, we all look forward to nicer and longer days. Those are things to look forward to.

  2. I'm still in love with your header pics of Tucker. He is sooo happy with that big grin on his face. But that picture of the red boats is really fantastic.

  3. Only 275 more pictures to go? Can't wait to see what clever things you come up with next! :c)

  4. You have more fortitude than I to make a commitment like that!

  5. Obviously, I am not as structured as you...I have trouble managing a blog once a week these days!

  6. It does look like sporing is here. Ir was sunny and 77 here today:)

  7. At least you are still blogging...I've gotten lax. I like the two red boats!!

  8. All your keys cracked me up. That's quite the collection!

  9. I especially like the photo with the red boat and its reflection.


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