Friday, April 12, 2013

‘Weather or NOT?’


Living on the west coast of British Columbia we are use to the rain, and it normally does not affect our plans, that is until of course we make plans to head out and go camping.


We had decided earlier in the week that our destination this weekend would be Merritt.


I had started getting things organized during the week and every day we checked the weather forecast. It was looking good for the weekend!


I had stocked up on all the camping food and had started to load the food box with the necessities.


We were looking forward to spending a quiet weekend, just sitting by the river..


..and then it happened..

Environment Canada, burst our  camping bubble..Fullscreen capture 12-Apr-2013 212343

..rain and more we really want to drive all that way and sit in the rain?

How about if we go somewhere closer to home?Fullscreen capture 12-Apr-2013 212502

..that doesn’t look any better!

Geez, our plans will have to be put on the back-burner for now!

So now what?

Well there is always closets to clean? What good way to spend a rainy day!


I started with the front hall closet..this is my side ..only a few coats, hats and scarves..


Doug on the other hand has a few more choices of jackets to wear!

Next was the dresser in our bedroom..

IMG_1102 if only it would stay this tidy!

..easy to match up the socks..


all nicely rolled up..looks much better than before, just trust me on that one!

and last but not least is our closets..


..nice to have everything all organized..

and colour co-ordinated..

IMG_1106 least I accomplished something today..

Would have much rather been here, though.. time!! least I will be ready!!


  1. But don't you feel better now that all your closets are neat and tidy???? At least for a little while.
    I do love those header picture of a muddy Tucker.

  2. Love the wet dog header pictures!

    I'm sorry your trip got canceled, but at least you accomplished something. I probably would have sat home, ate cookies and pouted!

  3. Sunny days will soon be your way.

  4. It's going to rain here this weekend. Can you stop by and organize our closet and dresser? :) The sock drawer looks amazing.

    So sorry your trip got postponed. Hopefully there will be a break in the weather soon.

  5. I think I would have opted for camping in the rain over cleaning and sorting out the closets. LOL

  6. Merritt is not quite ready yet. In fact, reliable sources told me the Coq was going to be closed. We will be there May 28th and then you will have a much more reliable source.

    OCD ? me too.

  7. We're getting a big dump of snow here...was considering putting up the Christmas tree! ;)

  8. I think I would have rather sat out in the rain...naked. :cD

  9. I love to clean and organize...especially on rainy or snowy days. You have a very nice blog.

  10. Holey moley, someone sure likes socks lol!! I have about a dozen pair (all the same!) and I thought I had a lot. It always makes a body feel better to get something cleaned and organized. Hope the weather clears and you get to make that trip soon.

  11. Oh well, look at the east coast weather. In addition to being crappy it's also cold.

  12. We've certainly had a lot of rain here this week. I can hardly wait for the sunshine to return.

  13. You can come and organize my closets and drawers the next time the weather doesn't cooperate with your plans.

  14. I have plenty of closets that would love to have your TLC :)

  15. At least you made the best of it, I might of just sulked:)


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