Monday, May 20, 2013

The Official Beginning..


The first long weekend of the camping season for 2013 is now done.


It is the official beginning of reserving campsites, packing up and hitting the road to a great camping destination.


Yes, we are what is deemed campers. Escaping the confines of our home, our jobs, and the ‘rat race’ known as life in the big city.


A few days spent with the ‘big white box’ is good for what ‘ails you’. A weekend filled with campfires..


quiet time..


and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer..



..does wonders for those of us who have to ‘head back to work’ after some time away.



…some ‘s’mores’ were made..


..and some ‘sandal’s were burned..a Doug and Toni’  yearly ritual.. IMG_1331IMG_1332IMG_1334

….a bed was shared with the ‘four-legged’ boy..sorry Carlie..


..we even had some time for a ‘four-wheeling’ adventure…


a narrow ‘goat trail’ ..destination?..


..the lake wasn’t really blue..more green?..



..but Tucker went swimming anyway..he doesn’t care about the colour of the water..


he just cares about swimming..


..and chewing the bark off the trees..

IMG_1336 as this first official long weekend comes to a close..we can say we are ‘happy campers’..


..even though this was our third trip so far this year, it was nice to pack up and ‘pop down’ a dry can only hope that is the beginning of the better ‘camping weather’..

thanks for the hospitality, Doug and was much appreciated!!


  1. What a great weekend. We love the lake and would have been swimming in it too. Gotta say that bed looked pretty comfy for camping. I think we need to come camping with you. You guys do it in style.

  2. Looked like a perfect Victoria Day weekend to me, and the start to a beautiful summer. Enjoyed your post and pictures.

  3. Good to spend at least a bit of our very busy "1st" weekend.

  4. No rain this time? ;) Your camping trip looked like a lot of fun. Yummy-looking s'mores, too!

  5. No rain and swimming for Tucker. Yup! A great week-end.

  6. What great spots you pick for your getaways! Nice post!

  7. Amazing water color! Was it still that hue after Tucker swam back and forth and tracked in some mud? ;c)

  8. I remember oh so well our early Spring camping days years ago. What a great feeling it was every year to shake off all those winter blues & get out camping at the Pinery Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Huron. Those were very special days I I remember walking the forest paths talking & dreaming about future RVing days. It always seemed like no matter what problems we had they all magically vanished for a few days as we thoroughly enjoyed those first few wonderful week-ends out camping in the month of May. Good for you guys in getting out there.....:))

  9. Isn't it wonderful to get back out and enjoy Mother Nature?

    Toni and Doug are two wonderful people!

  10. What a wonderful long weekend! Having had a popup for a while and a tent prior to that, I can certainly appreciate breaking camp in dry conditions! Glad you all had a great time!

  11. Hey, that's Jackson's favourite too. Swimming and chewing up the bark then hack, hack, hack!!!!

  12. Glad you got to go camping--and the weather cooperated! Looks like we may have run for Memorial Day weekend coming up--it usually does rain.

  13. Wow, that area looks so beautiful! Glad that you had such a great time. :)

  14. That Tucker sure knows how to party down!

  15. And, I bet it felt so good to get out again. Even Tucker enjoys it!

  16. Looks like a lot of fun! I love camping season - so glad I get to do it all year long, now! (Even though we're now fulltimers, we're still "campers" at heart!)

  17. How we used to look forward to camping weekends in various modes, including tents, tent trailers (we had three of those, one at a time), pickup camper, the back of a station wagon, travel trailer and ultimately the motorhome. Then we lived in the motorhome for a few years. Now we are back on the road, so to speak, but currently wrapped up in family activities. Once we get into June, we'll move off, running into Oregon for some fun stuff, then .... who knows where?

  18. That you stayed dry, during the unofficial first weekend of summer, was a blessing. Good choice on the camping area too.

  19. Dennis and I never camped at all until 2003...unless you count Girl Scout and Boy Scout camp...Wish we had started much sooner...we love it sooo much...So why are we sitting still right now?...good question.

  20. Looks like a good time was had by all. Here's hoping for many more :)

  21. Great pictures - campfires, s'mores, lounging around...and of course Tucker in the water. Good times!!

  22. Love your weekend post. Brings back great memories of our weekend camping trips. Love that Tucker's enthusiasm. Keep on enjoying! Life is good! Judy & John

  23. Great looking Camping Weekend!
    From gorgeous mountains, emerald lakes and a happy puppy,
    such a pretty place to unwind and relax!
    And it's always nice to pack down a DRY tent trailer. LOL
    Thanks for sharing!
    PS Molly is jealous of Tucker now! :)


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