Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 16 and beyond..

Day 167: A rare Sunday evening drive to the Abbotsford airport..Carlie is back from Edmonton, Alberta!


Day 168: 'yes, I know, the cat, again?' but this is a strange one..he has assumed the same position as what the dog does when he lays by door? never seen him lay here before? is he a cat who thinks he is a dog? next thing you know we are going to have to take him outside on leash?


Day 169: rises in the east and sets in the the sun sets on yet another more day closer to summer vacation!!


Day 170: one would think with computers there would not be as much 'paper'?..not so at our house..junk mail and more junk mail..I think I need a new filing system?


Day 171: Summer Solstice on the 'Wet Coast'..the most daylight hours today and we have rain and more need for sunscreen today!

photo (16)

Day 172: 'bloomin' glad it's Friday!!


Day 173: 'popped up' in the underground..getting organized for vacation!! soon, very soon it will be time to head south!IMG_1544

Day 174: Buntzen Lake..Sunday afternoon destination. picnic in hand and 'frisbee' in dog's mouth and all is right with our world!!


Day 175: wishing you all a ‘berry’ happy Monday!


Day 176: I may be dating myself but to me this blooming bud looks like the little puppet, Lambchop?..I see the resemblance, do you?


Day 177: 'the burger fixin's' what are you 'fixing'' for dinner?


Day 178: 'Tiger Lily' 'or-ange' you glad it's almost the weekend?'


Day 179: My 'Friday night view'


Day 181: 'up on the roof'.. Me? My feet are on the ground where they belong!!


..and so ends the month of June..almost half way done this 365 photo project Bring on the month of July!!


  1. just keep getting better with each photo post. Great job!

  2. The worst thing about being back in a house is junk mail.

  3. Don't miss the junk mail one bit!


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