Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 2013

Day 152: 'sh#$ happens?' a day trip south of the border for a package pick up!

photo (15)

Day 153: just part of my 'shipment' always looking for a deal and this was a good one!!!


Day 154: The Alouette River.. Alco Park, Maple Ridge.


Day 155: 'feel the breeze'?..the start of 'fan' season?


Day 156: 'same pattern'.. new wool and a new project in the works..


Day 157: 'my pretty blue eyed computer buddy' you, Momma!!


Day 158: we are 'running as fast as we can'!


Day 159: A lovely Saturday spent with my DH~ destination? Chilliwack Lake


Day 160: Sunday night dinner with a glass of 'fine white' on the side.


Day 161: 'Broken?'~does a broken 'cookie' taste the same as a whole one? Poor Tucker will be finding out~Me? I am writing to Milk-Bone Canada to complain!!


Day 162: 'just one more row' ~~I confess, I am a late night knitter`~~ nothing like the peace and quiet, television off and everyone in bed. The downside to this is the early morning alarm clock!


Day 163: 'come into my parlour' said the spider to the fly..
this spider web is on the street lamp pole just outside our sundeck..I wonder how many flies and other such bugs the 'resident' has caught?


Day 164: 'cross stitch'..a long lost hobby that use to occupy my time..


Day 165: 'whizzing on by'...rainy days and Fridays?...maybe the sun will come out tomorrow?IMG_1515

Day 166: 'lemon-ie' goodness!! fresh from the oven...Starbucks lemon loaf!!


..still plugging away at this 365 photo project..what was  I thinking?


  1. That was fun, I really enjoyed that. As Merikay said, keep it up!


  2. The river and kitty are beautiful. Love your new knitting project. Zachary and Henry seem to think broken doesn't matter but Beau was 100% convinced that only WHOLE cookies counted.

  3. Short, sweet and enjoyable. Very nice.

  4. Would you have even noticed that spider web if you weren't trying to take a picture every day? And yet, it made a fine addition to your collection. Good work, Sue!

  5. You my dear Sue are a creative and smart and funny person! I enjoyed your post, every part of it!

  6. I'm glad you're still plugging away. I'm enjoying seeing your world one day at a time. :)

  7. Only 199 days (photos too) to go to completion. That is some task you foisted on yourself. Nice photos. A year in the life through photography is intriguing.

  8. I am really impressed with your ability to keep finding these fantastic pictures each and every day.

  9. If you run short of pictures, let me know:) I took over 4000 in two weeks in Alaska:(

  10. Is this Project 365 on Flickr? I tried to do it a couple of times, but I'm so "undisciplined." :-) Lovely photos - I especially liked the Starbucks Lemon Loaf! What's up with those broken "puppy cookies?" :-(

  11. Well I'm glad you're still plugging away, that last picture was so good I could almost taste it! :c)

  12. Lots of great pics for this month, Sue!
    BTW did Tucker care if his Milkbones were broken? tee hee hee


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